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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Betrayal of Denmark (and of Us All)

By Aussiegirl

I'm getting depressed over the entire response to this Cartoon Jihad. If the world doesn't choose and stand up to this rabble then we will lose Western Civilization without the Moslems even having to nuke us. Get your prayer rug ready -- dhimmitude is coming!

The Betrayal of Denmark (and of Us All)

A local newspaper in Jutland (ever heard of Jutland before?), a rural area of Denmark (one of Europe’s smallest nations, with a language spoken by barely 5 million people) published twelve drawings. Some were simple portraits of a man with Arab features, some poked fun at the newspaper itself, and barely a handful were caricatures of Muhammad, the prophet of the Muslims – hardly offensive by Western standards.

It is true that the Western press has been grossly offensive to religious people in the past, mocking their beliefs and morals, hurting their feelings, insulting them. From the BBC to CNN, from The Guardian to The New York Times, the dominant media have never been squeamish about giving offense.

[...]Muslim immigrants staged protests in various European towns, from Berlin to London, to Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris [where two brave men “trod on 1.5 billion Muslims”], protesting against cartoons which over four months ago they had failed to notice. Last Saturday five hundred Muslims gathered on Antwerp’s main square, in the shadow of the Cathedral of Our Lady and below the statue of Peter Paul Rubens, to turn to Mecca and pray. It was a peaceful gathering that had been called by the imams. After the meeting angry “youths” left the prayer meeting to terrorize the city with shouts of “Allah is great!” The imams said that the youths’ behaviour was not their responsibility, as they had called for “respect.”

We do not recall any prayer meetings called by the imams on Antwerp’s main square after 9/11, after the Madrid bombings, after the London bombings. However, the Antwerp imams felt compelled to pray in public on Antwerp’s central square because... more than four months ago a paper in Jutland had published twelve drawings. What is the point of all this? None other, surely, than to show the citizens of Antwerp that they are the boss now in Europe, while we are the intimidated natives, the dhimmis, the slaves.


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to play devil's advocate, I'd like to point out again that true evil happens when good men (and women) do nothing.

Islam has its thugs but so does western society.... e.g. human traffickers and their partrons, anarchists that go to demonstrations looking for a fight, vandals and car thieves, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, serial rapists and murderers, mafia, etc. etc.

If we give in to thugs, in whose ever culture, we will be enslaved by fear. The label, whether serf, slave or dhimmi, will be immaterial.

I hate to say it, but publishing cartoons to demonstrate "freedom of speech" does not deliver the message we want the thugs to receive. We're just thumbing our noses through the window instead of taking action against the bully outside.

By attacking the religion of Islam and all Muslims, we are fighting an army of straw men. Of course, it is easier to fight straw men than to identify the source of evil and stand up to it. Because that often requires us to dig deep and abandon our own cherished preconceptions and, yes, even prejudices, in order to identify the source of evil.

Sadly, it has always been thus.

Today we're letting a few power-hungry imams literally get away with murder. Not along ago, the world stood by and allowed Stalin to starve 10 million Ukrainians to death, Hitler to exterminate 6 million Jews, Pol Pot and Mao to murder millions in Asia, Saddam Hussein to murder Kurds and Iraqis, Tzutzis and Hutus to slaughter each other, etc ad nauseum.

And today? Instead of standing up to these Muslim Mugabes, Stalins, Hitlers Husseins, et. al and co-opting their armies, we publish cartoons that pander to our own self-conceit and alienate (whether justifiably or not) future Muslim conscriptees.

I believe in freedom of speech and the press and all that. But implicit in that freedom is choice. Such freedom allows us to *not* publish as much as to publish. But when we hold up "democratic principles" that dictate we absolutley must publish something in order to demonstrate our freedom, are we really exercing our freedom? Or are we already slaves to those "principles"?

Just food for thought... It's all very distressing.

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't destroy 1.5 Billion people. The enemy has to be named and destroyed. It is pretty sad the world capitulated *this time*. Personally, I believe this is only the beginning of the unmasking of islamofascism.

At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Scythian Princess 100%.

Too often our interpretation of "freedom" means "license" to behave immorally, selfishly and irresponsibly. Our misinterpretation of freedom is now so bad that even our academics peddle culturally subversive nonsense about it. Our increasingly twisted view of "freedom" has been more and more a descent into cultural and societal chaos instead of a creative and beneficial liberating force it was meant to be.

With the cartoons, we actually threw away our strategic advantage of free press, as Scythian Princess aptly put it "publishing cartoons to demonstrate "freedom of speech" does not deliver the message we want the thugs to receive. We're just thumbing our noses through the window instead of taking action against the bully outside." That's why one of the muslim protest posters said "Your freedom is terrorism to us". In a manner of speaking, he was right. The overall picture our culture presents to the world isn't pretty.

The whole world is slowly sinking under a tide of gangsterism, which may be expressed as narco-terrorism, political terrorism and/or cultural and philosophical nihilism. In the West, gangsterism even dictates clothing and music fashions for our young. Just compare what fashions were chic 50-60 years ago with the brutal look that's chic now. Something has happened to us.

Our young people, even those from priviledged families, grow up emulating thugs or prostitutes in their dress, sporting gang tattoes, flash gang hand signals and listen to the ugly gang music. They trash themselves with gutter-like promiscuity and perversity. Our TV and cinema is full of sadistic violence, which is marketed even to the very young. In every way, our culture is thoroughly educating our young to gang-like brutalism. How then can we expect them to be willing to withstand the real evil of gangsterism or an SS mentality as it invades our neighborhoods, marches across the world stage as fascism and take over governments?

And what are we doing about it? Almost nothing--instead we keep buying their products.

It's time we boycotted the gangster mentality wherever it shows up in our living rooms, schools, and within ourselves, and not waste our precious advantages of true resistance on useless "middle finger" salutes that these cartoons really are.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been away from my computer for a while, and while I was gone, some cartoons were published in Denmark--and the whole world exploded. Well, I went to the internet and looked at all the cartoons, and my only reaction was--big deal! And then I thought further, I don't care that Moslems found them offensive, I didn't. It's their problem, not mine. Blasphemy is a concept internal to a religion...one Moslem can find another Moslem blasphemous, but it makes no sense at all to say that the Moslem can find the Christian blasphemous. And all this talk of "gangsterism"--well, the gangster, the blackmailer, the bully, is the Moslem. Whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? If someone screams an obscenity at me--or draws an obscene cartoon with his "middle finger", well, let him. But if he then escalates to some sort of physical assault, well, we have laws for that. If it's a nation, of course, we bomb them. And why call the Big Mo the "Prophet Mo"? He isn't my prophet, I'm not part of his religion, to me he's just Mo...with a questionable personal history that has been documented at length on The American Thinker. And what an insane development, for the BBC to print "PBUH" [i.e. "Peace Be Upon Him"] after his name. I nearly threw up when I read that! What's next, a prayer rug in the BBC cafeteria? If a Moslem wants to do so, well, it's his religion, he can do what he wants. But I refuse to change my behavior because of some benighted idea that I have to act like a Moslem. Actually, why should I "respect" his religion at all? What difference should it make to his belief, that I laugh at it. He believes, I don't believe. He can laugh at my belief all he wants. I don't consider that blasphemous--what a ridiculous idea! I sneer at him, he sneers at me, and we go our separate ways. Of course, these cartoons are just a shot across the West's bow, the first shot in the battle the end of which is an entire world rendered Islamic...what a horrible thought!

At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pindar, you are missing the point.

The people who are threatening you, and me, and the rest of us, are not necessarily the Muslims whose religion you don't care about. Most no doubt they don't care that you don't care. Like Christians and other religious people, they practice their faith and let you practice yours.

The ones who are threatening us don't care either. Nor are they religious people. They are barbarous thugs who are using Islam as red herrings to throw their enemy into disarray, and inciting their army of ignorant and superstitious malcontents who don't care what you think about them either.

But ... if the publication of cartoons can divide their enemy into camps that attack each other over abstract concepts that they don't care about either, then no doubt they are happy as pigs in shit. We do at least half their work for them, and they get what they want in the end.

More fools us.

No one is asking non-Muslims to act like Muslims. Yet. But if we continue to fight each other instead of the thugs that started this war, we will, as Aussiegirl has been warning us, eventually become dhimmis. Then you won't be asked to be Muslim. You'll be compelled, or killed. Along with the rest of us.


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