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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The day Lincoln was born

By Aussiegirl

Today is Lincoln's birthday, unfortunately no longer an official holiday, but an important day in our nation's history. This is an interesting article from today's American Thinker on the way the world looked on this day in 1809. Notice that the Arabs, in the form of the Barbary Pirates, were giving us trouble. Some things never change!

The American Thinker

Of the major figures in the story of Lincoln’s presidency, Robert E. Lee is just two years old, Jefferson Davis, seven months, Winfield Scott, Lincoln’s first Civil War commander, is a 23 year old Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, Ulysses Grant is but a gleam in his mother’s eye.

As the years pass the unfolding destinies of these people and countless others will form to enact the great national drama that will transform the Kentucky babe into the national, historical, and cultural icon we all revere. But it was not inevitable. It was the result of countless individual decisions, circumstances, motivations, and agendas. The attempt to understand this process of divergent forces as they move in the fullness of time is what fascinates the historian, professional and amateur alike.

To the discerning, the pages of history can read with the relevance of the morning’s newspaper. In truth, Lincoln shares this same birthday, February 12, 1809, with someone referenced daily in today’s news reports and editorials. That same day in Britain another male child was born who would leave considerable a mark on the world… Charles Darwin.

As written in Ecclesiates 4,000 years ago, “there is no new thing, under the sun.”


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