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Friday, February 03, 2006

Did Castro kill Kennedy?

By Aussiegirl

It looks like people who thought Castro may have been behind Kennedy's assassination were right. And if you're wondering why this wasn't made public at the time, perhaps here is the reason:
Human Events had the most comprehensive report on the film, including director Huissman's claim that LBJ was concerned that if we followed the trail and it led to the Cuban government, the pressure would have been intense for the U.S. to invade Cuba, possibly sparking a world-wide nuclear conflict with Castro's patron, the Soviet Union.

Media Monitor - Did Castro Kill Kennedy? - February 2, 2006


At 3:58 PM, Blogger stickman said...

Great find Aussiegirl! This comment from the article:

Added Haig: "He (Johnson) said 'we must simply not allow the American people to believe Fidel Castro could have killed our president.'"

It is not inconceivable that similar words were uttered some 25 years later by an American president; this time alluding to another enemy and following an event in Oklahoma City, and another called TWA 800.....


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