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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mark Steyn chews the Sunday fat

By Aussiegirl

Steyn focuses our attention on the fact that we have two widely and dangerously divergent outlooks on the world -- the realistic one that recognizes the terrible dangers that are gathering in the world, such as a nuclear Iran headed by a fanatic who believes in the coming apocolypse and the return of the Mahdi, the emergence of Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt as legitimately elected governments sworn to Israel's destruction, the increasing erosion of our values and freedoms such as we see with the Prophet cartoons, and on the other hand we have what appears to be either a completely duped and deluded establishment and media, or one that is secretly complicit and encouraging of the Islamist movement for some crazy reason probably having to do with their own leftist hatred for Western Civilization and for their own culture. We might as well be talking to blithering idiots or mad hatters for all the common ground we share with the likes of David Gregory and so many media and government types in the West. The tragic part is that we are slip-sliding towards Armageddon while the press idiots fume over the totally ridiculous.

Cheering tidbits lighten otherwise grim week

In an otherwise grim week -- at least on unimportant peripheral matters like Iranian nukes -- three things cheered me up. The first was the decision of Iran's bakers to rename Danish pastries "Roses of the Prophet Muhammed pastries.'' Has a ring to it, don't you think? If they're looking for a slogan, how about "Iranian pastry: There's nothing flakier. Except our president."

[...] It's easy to be tough about nothing. The press corps that noisily champions "the public's right to know" about a minor hunting accident simultaneously assures the public that they've no need to see these Danish cartoons that have caused riots, arson and death around the world. On CNN, out of "sensitivity" to Islam, they show the cartoons but with the Prophet's face pixilated so that he looks as if Cheney's ventilated him with birdshot and it turned puffy and gangrenous. C'mon, guys, these are interesting times. Anyone can unload the umpteenth round of blanks into the bulletproof Chimpy Hallibushitler, but why not take a shot at something that matters?

Or perhaps it would just be easier to change the term ''free press'' to the ''Roses of the Prophet Muhammed press.''


At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Iranian pastry: There's nothing flakier. Except our president."
LMAO! Love it.


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