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Sunday, February 12, 2006

More trouble south of the border

By Aussiegirl

So you thought Hamas, having won the election in Palestine, would just stay there and confine its terror to just continuing to threaten Israel as before. Well, guess again. Now they are moving into South America, once a safe part of the world for us when the Monroe Doctrine was in force, and increasing the number of our enemies there by one.

FrontPage magazine.com :: Hamas Moves Into South America by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu

Wasting little time since it triumphed in what may well be the last “election” held in Palestine for a long time, the terrorist-group-turned-political-party Hamas has opened channels to sympathetic states in the Western Hemisphere. Guess where? Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Expect Cuba, Mexico, and Chile to be next on the list. It doesn’t stretch the imagination to figure why: Hamas is seeking to establish its legitimacy.

The Hamas leadership can find guidance for this practical strategy from close-to-home historical precedent. Yassar Arafat used the same trick to convert his international image from terrorist to statesman. That the gullible West bought into the act made a point with Hamas. By going out of its way to seek full diplomatic recognition from America’s and Israel’s enemies Hamas is effectively using the gambit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” a strategy that is as old in the Middle East as history itself.

[...] Both the Iranians and North Koreans have secretive missions already in place in Caracas. Hamas will soon join them. Chavez will soon be in a position that Fidel must envy but was never able to achieve, that of regional puppet-master with sufficient petrodollars to purchase weapons and the connections to willing dupes to implement his strategies. Already we see an order for 100,000 Soviet-era small arms tagged to be transferred to the FARC narco-terrorists in Colombia, for the purpose of bringing down the elected democratic government there. If Colombia falls, the way will be open for him to begin consolidation of the mega-state of his vision.

[...] By reinforcing Hamas across the board: with diplomatic recognition, offering a base in the New World, under-the-table funding for anti-Israeli and anti-American attacks, and conferring upon it a legitimacy that the terror organization would never achieve on its own, Chavez and other Latin leaders are effectively checkmating a policy of isolation and financial starvation that may be used by America and the EU to try to keep Hamas in check.


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