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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nash Holos -- Means "Our Voice" in Ukrainian

By Aussiegirl

Anybody who loves Ukrainian music, and anyone who hasn't yet heard any, listen up.

Nash Holos is the name of a Canadian-Ukrainian radio broadcast that you can listen to on your computer. You can also pick up other Ukrainian radio broadcasts, and even TV shows.

Check out Nash Holos' brand new blog, with blogmistress Pawlina wielding the magic baton. You can access links to all available internet Ukrainian broadcasts in a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

She has several sharp and able contributors and there are interesting items posted today including one about the future of podcasting bringing back the traditional radio days before the big bucks advertisers homogenized the life out of it.

Tune in, and tune out of all the bad news -- and become a Ukrainian for a day! Try it -- you'll like it!

Nash Holos

Nash Holos
"our voice" in Ukrainian ... and an online voice for Ukrainian Canadian musicians, broadcasters and other culture providers


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