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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Plus c'a change, plus c'est la meme chose

By Aussiegirl

It looks like the hair-trigger sensitivities of those Religion of Peace-niks goes back a long way, according to this from the American Thinker, which makes you wonder why there were no riots when the Muslims first saw Othello on stage...perhaps there were as yet no organizers around who saw this as a opportunity to stir up the ignorant Muslim masses for political gain. Also, thanks to John B. Dwyer for his fascinating window on history about the importance of French gunpowder during our revolution.

Some things don't change with Jihadis

Ibn Warraq, via Dr. Andrew Bostom, commends our attention to this famous monologue from Act V, Scene 3 [of The Marriage of Figaro]:

“I cobble together a verse comedy about the customs of the harem, assuming that, as a Spanish writer, I can say what I like about Mohamme without drawing hostile fire. Next thing, some envoy from God knows where turns up and complains that in my play I have offended the Ottoman empire, Persia, a large slice of the Indian peninsula, the whole of Egypt, and the kingdoms of Barca, Tripoli, Tunisi, Algeria, and Morocco. And so my play sinks without trace, all to placate a bunch of Muslim princes, not one of whom, as far as I know, can read but who beat the living daylights out of us and say we are ‘Christian dogs.’ Since they can’t stop a man thinking, they take it out on his hide instead”


At 4:44 PM, Blogger stickman said...

Great find.

In the end, this may be a good thing for the ever non-judgemental American left to witness. They have never been convinced that evil existed, and have refused to believe we needed to be at war with these people. Maybe the specter of CRAZY PEOPLE will cause them to feel fear.

Muslims are exhibiting a sick collective psychosis here, and since they obviously believe in the death penalty.....

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article that.
Islam is a cult, and a death cult at that. This leopard is not going to change it's spots. It's all very well for the moderates of this religion to say that the extremists have hijacked their religion, but in the end it's the extremist who is actually living what the Koran teaches.


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