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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Random ranting, vagrant thoughts and thoughts of general mayhem

By Aussiegirl

Can we talk? I mean -- can we brawl? Let's just have a real good knock-down drag-out. Enough of this pussy-footing around, enough of this meekness, mildness and other assorted signs of wimphood. We are talking about manning the ramparts to defend the last remnants of our Western Civilization here, before it's too late. What are we going to do -- get in the ring with the Marquis of Queensbury rules firmly held in one hand while all around flail at us with bombs and karate kicks and sabers?

What has brought Aussiegirl to this pass, you ask? I don't know -- perhaps it's the Cartoon Jihad and all those hurt feelings of Moslems being expressed with calls for blood, violence, threats of new 9/11's, beheadings and other forms of polite discourse and dissent. Perhaps it's the fact that if we don't really have our hearts in this fight, we might as well give up and admit defeat right now. If we haven't the
stomach for the kind of fight Patton would have put up, just don the burka now and start studying the Koran, and purchase that prayer rug right now (just make sure it is in a color that harmonizes with your decor and perhaps is suitable to the general Feng Shue of your house, of course).

Isn't it interesting that it is the little Scandinavian countries, the ones we used to like to make fun of, the ones who thought they had created the closest thing to a working model of the perfect socialist cradle-to-grave paradise, who finally stood up and said "no" in their own little way with a few mild cartoons. Their experiment, which did seem for quite a while to be working, owed everything it now turns out, to the homogeneity of the Scandinavian cultures, and the ingrained values of those countries -- hard work, thrift, classically liberal values of tolerance, freedom of expression, speech and the press.

But it turns out that that little experiment in peaceful cooperation is being sorely tested by the intrusion of an alien culture, one that does not value any of those classically liberal values, one that instead harkens back to a violent 7th century cult of conquest by the sword and intolerance of anything that is not openly prescribed in the Koran. As so many Moslems have openly said, we spit on your freedom.

And so little Denmark, charming country of snow, Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid and cheese and herring, decided that it was going to take that one small step for man -- and one giant leap back to the future for mankind -- it was going to re-assert an age-old Western value -- a classically liberal value -- of freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

And what has been the result? The Cartoon Jihad and all that we have been witnessing over the last week or more. Carefully planned and orchestrated, an orgy and symphony of violence that is putting the West on notice -- whatever we don't like, and whenever we like, we can launch a jihad and intimidate you into backing down and recognizing more and more of our backward values as your own in order to keep the peace that you so desperately crave.

But Winston Churchill was right -- to paraphrase him -- we have been given a choice between war and dishonor -- we may choose dishonor -- but we we will have war! Let us remember what he said in 1953: "I hope I shall never see the day when the Force of Right is deprived of the Right of Force."

I'm taking a long time getting around to what is really on my mind. So much. Ann Coulter for one. The State Department's pusillanimous statements condemning the Danish cartoons and only uttering a few perfunctory phrases about the need for freedom of the press for another. Condi Rice's mad ravings about "the Palestinian's craving for peace" in the wake of a Hamas victory. President Bush's continued insistence that the jihadists have hijacked a "great and noble religion of peace." Jack Straw's disgraceful and cowardly statements condemning the cartoons instead of the bloody mobs. Bill Clinton weighing in against the cartoons, never missing a beat to let us see the hastily brushed away tear of fellow feeling for the jihadist's pain. The recent goings on at the Alito hearings, the disgrace of the Coretta Scott King funeral. The rantings of Dr. Demento aka Howard Dean, the ravings of a Ted Kennedy. Even the recent embarrassing brawl in the Ukrainian Parliament. Don't you just sometimes wish that Frist would just deck Chuck Schumer? Wouldn't it be more honest?

And why are Republicans so mealy-mouthed and afraid? Ann Coulter recently made some of her patented satirical comments at a C-PAC meeting, but by the wailing and gnashing of teeth that emerged from wussie Republican bloggers you'd think that she deserved stoning in the public square. Why don't they reserve some of this shock and awe for the demented rantings of a Hillary or a Harry Reid? Why do we throw our own overboard at the least hint of a backbone or at the first sign of a misstep or a maladroit expression, i.e. Trent Lott. Gosh, you'd think that old Hairspray Trent had seriously suggested a return to slavery for all the phony outrage heaped on him by conservative bloggers eager to establish their bona fides as equal opportunity bashers, as if anybody (read liberals) cares or values such a thing. They laugh at you, while you feel so righteous and noble and just on your fainting couch inhaling your smelling salts.

You notice the Democrats never apologize or explain for their own no matter how outrageous the comment. Why then do we eat our own when they dare to call a spade a spade? And while I'm at it, why is it that it generally turns out to be the women in the Republican party, or should I say conservative movement, who are unafraid to say what needs to be said, and for their troubles are labeled bomb-throwers and embarrassments by their own kind? Women like Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin.

Why is it that men have such an overwhelming need to be so collegial? Is it the old frat days -- the memories of hanging out with the guys? The old, let's get drunk and throw up together and then we'll be bonded thing. Maybe it's because women still haven't lost that animal instinct to protect our young. That women are used to scrapping with other women to get and keep the man they love. I'll scratch her eyes out, that little hussy!!! While the men debate and debate and argue and then all go out to get drunk together.

Well, I'm not willing to go collegially into that good night, and I'm not prepared to debate my way out of a swordfight to the death. I'm here to say openly -- I'm donning my bandoleros, arming myself to the teeth with well-earned outrage and righteous indignation, and I will defend my way of life against any savage or fool who dares to intimidate me into silence. So I'm ready -- bring on all comers. Let's stop with the politeness, already, no one you are fighting with gives a damn for your courtesy, no one gives a damn for your collegiality.

You will call it courtesy and be deemed a fool by history. And I'll be the first to call you that.

Will the real men please stand up???


At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would you have us do? I agree with most of what you are saying. Without a collective will, we are simply speaking for posterity.


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, AussieGirl.

You've touched on so many things that are also bothering me. The Cartoon Jihad is an important, teachable moment should our leaders decide to address it squarely. But so far, there is only the usual sidestepping and nice-making, that leaves people confused and fuming.

Without ever once mentioning religion, we could stand up to the barbarians and say, hey, this is how civilized human beings behave under the law, no matter what their religion. Human rights, freedom of expression, and peaceful disagreement are all part of the deal: TAKE IT or LEAVE IT. Grow a sense of humor and humility, jackasses!

On the homefront, we are fighting this war like wimpy, bespectacled lawyers, arguing in courtrooms and legislative halls and dinner parties, and refereed by Miss Manners. And all the while, like you said, our enemy advances without regard for our precious feelings.

I do think though, many citizens are privately, silently, coming to the same conclusions and resolve as AussieGirl. The Cartoon madness and every other strange utterance from the aliens among us at least serve to expose their real agenda.

Thank you for your outrage, concern, and your ability to apply words to the events swirling around us.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Absolutely true!

This is the Alan Alda War; we are trying to be ``sensitive`` while our enemies kill and intimidate us. Nobody in the West seems to have any animus against the enemy. (I`m not talking about noncombatants, but the enemy.) Oh, a few people make snide jokes or snotty remarks about Bin-Laden, but most of the animus is against our own-Bush, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, etc. Where is the anger, where is the passion? These people have been killing our people for decades, they have kidnapped our people, terrorized old folks and women, murdered children. They have taken our hospitality while plotting against us. Why aren`t we angrier?

Instead we shoot at more easily accesible targets. We condemn Denmark, we condemn Tom Delay, we condemn Ann Coulter. Why? Because we want to be liked, and we think that this will make our enemies like us.

The fact is, nobody likes a suckup. We should have learned.

And we should have learned that weakness invites attack. Anybody who has seen a schoolyard bully should understand this.


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