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Monday, February 06, 2006

Thomas Lifson on the curious case of the contrived cartoon conspiracy

By Aussiegirl

Today's American Thinker brings us another excellent and thoughtful article by Thomas Lifson, who, among other things, believes that the instantaneous availability of Danish flags suggests a great deal of advance planning.

I've always wondered how it is that these masses seem to have ready and instant access to all the necessary props -- flags from the country in question, printed signs (usually in English) and even cunning likenesses of everyone from President Bush to Condi Rice to Donald Rumsfeld (suitable for torching, of course).

Where do they get all that stuff? Is there a Middle East franchise called Effigies 'n' Things, that we haven't heard of -- the store with everything for the compleat Arab demonstrator?

The American Thinker

By seeking to establish a global norm – a custom enforced by social sanction, not law – that Sharia restrictions shall apply even in non-Muslim lands, the Islamofascists are engaging in prophylaxis: preventing the “disease” of free discussion and debate over topics they wish to control exclusively from ever gaining traction and possibly spreading to their own constituency.

It is quite understandable that caring, sensitive Westerners seek to avoid offending the religious sensibilities of any serious believers, Muslims included. Such empathy is normally a highly commendable impulse.

But acceding to the demand that those most willing to use violence be allowed to control the discussion and stifle debate, among infidels and Muslims alike, is a betrayal of not only the moderate Muslims, but of all those who hope someday to live in peace with an Islam that grants legitimacy to religious dissent and to the claims of other faiths.


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