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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The truth about the Islamic Crusades

By Aussiegirl

At last, a definitive article exposing the myths surrounding the Christian Crusades, and presenting a detailed timeline showing that the West waited 465 years--465 YEARS!--after the Islamic Crusades began before finally launching its own Crusades. Also a lot of Christendom was lost to the ravaging Arab hordes...need I mention Hagia Sophia, the marvelous Christian cathedral in Constantinople, only one of countless parts of Christian history lost to the enemy.

The American Thinker

Though European Crusaders may have been sincere, they wandered off from the origins of Christianity when they slashed and burned and forced conversions. Jesus never used violence; neither did he call his disciples to use it. Given this historical fact, it is only natural that the New Testament would never endorse violence to spread the word of the true God. Textual reality matches historical reality in the time of Jesus.

In contrast, Muslims who slashed and burned and forced conversions did not wander off from the origins of Islam, but followed it closely. It is a plain and unpleasant historical fact that in the ten years that Muhammad lived in Medina (622-632), he either sent out or went out on seventy-four raids, expeditions, or full-scale wars, which range from small assassination hit squads to the Tabuk Crusade, described above (see 630). Sometimes the expeditions did not result in violence, but a Muslim army always lurked in the background. Muhammad could exact a terrible vengeance on an individual or tribe that double-crossed him. These ten years did not know long stretches of peace.

It is only natural that the Quran would be filled with references to jihad and qital, the latter word meaning only fighting, killing, warring, and slaughtering. Textual reality matches historical reality in the time of Muhammad. And after.

But this means that the Church had to fight back or be swallowed up by an aggressive religion over the centuries. Thus, the Church did not go out and conquer in a mindless, bloodthirsty, and irrational way—though the Christian Crusades were far from perfect.

Islam was the aggressor in its own Crusades, long before the Europeans responded with their own.

Historical facts say that Islam has been imperialistic—and would still like to be, if only for religious reasons. Many Muslim clerics, scholars, and activists, for example, would like to impose Islamic law around the world. Historical facts say that Islam, including Muhammad, launched their own Crusades against Christianity long before the European Crusades.


At 1:27 PM, Blogger The Way said...

Wonderful, the Truth will set you free! I am amazed at how many people will beleieve what they are told without researching anything.

News and other forms of media come to mind, but Islam itself is nothing more than a Hi-Jacking of Judeo-Christian Patriarchial History modified by iblis.


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