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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

EU takes another step towards dhimmitude

By Aussiegirl

Paul Belien, in the must-read Brussels Journal, continues to sound the alarm about the slow death of European civilization, one little event at a time. The Muslims helped vote in the Left, and as a reward they want a cross removed (see the last paragraph of the article). The article has several links. The one that introduces the Muslim mayor of Brussels talks about the exceptions that Belgium makes when it comes to animal sacrifice -- the Muslims get away with illegal sacrifices during one of their holidays.

Muslim Vote Tips the Balance in Netherlands The Brussels Journal

Yesterday’s municipal elections in the Netherlands were won by the Left.

[...] Today the center-left newspaper De Volkskrant writes that the immigrant vote has tipped the balance in favour of the Left. [...] In many countries the Left has begun to cater for the immigrants, aware that the immigrants guarantee their power.

[...] The effects of the immigrant vote will soon be visible. The Amsterdam borough of De Baarjes has already decided to remove a white cross which serves as a memorial to the Second World War. The cross is situated not far from the place where a mosque is being built. According to the authorities “Muslims and Jews” take offense at the cross as a war memorial. “We told them that it is a Dutch tradition to refer to the dead with a cross. However, the cross is seen as a reference to Christianity. I can understand this,” the local (Christian-Democrat) councillor, Jan Voetberg, said.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger PatrickMead said...

And the very fact that Voetberg can't understand it (people insisting that a cross be removed) is why it will happen again, and again, and again until the Crescent flies over most of Europe.


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