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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Media shockingly ignorant of Muslims among us

By Aussiegirl

If willfully making oneself blind to evil isn't one of the 7 deadly sins, it should be. In many ways the media and the liberal West are like Tom Fox writ large. Tom Fox, the peace activist recently found tortured and shot, who willingly and blindly walked into the Moslem lion's den and offered himself as a sacrifice to his own self-deluded conceit of moral superiority and liberal tolerance. It seems that the liberal media have taken the Christian notion of martyrdom and forgiveness and perverted it into a hideous philosophy of suicidal moral cowardice masquerading as piety, tolerance and virtue.

Mark Steyn on the encroaching dhimmitude of the press.

Media shockingly ignorant of Muslims among us

This week's Voldemort Award goes to the New York Times for their account of a curious case of road rage in North Carolina:

"The man charged with nine counts of attempted murder for driving a Jeep through a crowd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last Friday told the police that he deliberately rented a four-wheel-drive vehicle so he could 'run over things and keep going.' "

The driver in question was Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar.

Whoa, don't jump to conclusions. The Times certainly didn't. As the report continued:

"According to statements taken by the police, Mr. Taheri-azar, 22, an Iranian-born graduate of the university, felt that the United States government had been 'killing his people across the sea' and that his actions reflected 'an eye for an eye.'"

"His people"? And who exactly would that be? Taheri-azar is admirably upfront about his actions. As he told police, he wanted to "avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world."

And yet the M-word appears nowhere in the Times report. Whether intentionally or not, they seem to be channeling the great Sufi theologian and jurist al-Ghazali, who died a millennium ago but whose first rule on the conduct of dhimmis -- non-Muslims in Muslim society -- seem to have been taken on board by the Western media:

The dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle. . . .

Are they teaching that at Columbia Journalism School yet?


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right on the button about this one, Aussiegirl.

I find people around me in everyday life actually *willfully* ignorant on the matter. they just don't want to know, even when I can demonstrate the truth. I try to let people know that we are in a fight for our survival of the western style life, vastly imperfect as it is. For all it's faults, we still have more freedom than as a dhimmi.


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