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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Media's preoccupation with beautiful white victims is unseemly

By Aussiegirl

This fellow is an evil sociopath and is the likely perp. However, I'm increasingly disturbed by the unseemly and even ghoulish preoccupation of the cable networks with these murders of beautiful young white women. That's about all they cover 24/7, while the world careens towards nuclear confrontation and WWIII. There's something prurient and even morbidly pornographic about describing this unfortunate victim as the "sable-eyed beauty" -- she's dead whether she was beautiful or not. And America seems to be preoccupied with ogling the glam beauty shots of these poor murder victims. Do we really need to see endless shots of Natalee Holloway doing her Las Vegas showgirl pom-pom routine or posing in her swimsuit? Isn't there something sick about ogling the photographs of these murder victims? There's something of necrophilia and sexual perversion about it. There are plenty of black women and non-beautiful victims murdered every day -- yet it's only the glamorous ones that get the beautiful celebrity corpse of the month coverage on the cable news shows.

New York Post Online Edition: news

What's "all the fuss" about, a steely cool Darryl Littlejohn told a patron of The Falls bar in the days just after another patron, Imette St. Guillen, was found brutally slain.
Littlejohn icily told a regular at the SoHo gin mill where he worked that he was surprised at the level of interest in the case.

Through lineups, interrogations and court hearings, law-enforcement sources say the career criminal - the top suspect in St. Guillen's murder - has maintained his cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor.

With detectives convinced Littlejohn is their man, the burly bar bouncer who was the last one seen with the sable-eyed beauty has maintained an eerie calm as investigators struggle to build a case against him.


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