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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re-enactors stage Ukrainian War of Liberation in Texas

By Aussiegirl

Now here's something that looks like fun -- if you're anywhere near this festival, looks like something you might like to take in. That was back in the days when saber-rattling involved real sabers!

A tip of the cossack cap to Pawlina at Nash Holos, a really great Ukrainian blog you need to check on regularly. Pawlina also has a wonderful weekly Ukrainian radio program called "Nash Holos" - which means "Our Voice" in Ukrainian, where you will not only hear great Ukrainian music, but get tips on tourism in Ukraine, recipes and regular interviews with fascinating guests -- plus other fun features from the always lively, talented and witty hostess, plus her blog has great information on the latest in the music scene, popular culture and links to other Ukrainian radio programs you can listen to on your computer. There's nothing Ukrainians love more than a sing-a-long -- well and varenyky and sour cream and herring and vodka and....

Here's the press release:

1648 Ukrainian War of liberation Fought Again!

Tyler, Texas - Re-enactors from across America are converging on the Four Winds Renaissance faire on April 8th and 9th to fight out a battle from the 1648 Ukrainian War of Liberation complete with cannons, winged hussars, and Cossacks!

In what may be the largest recreation of this period in America, living history groups and re-enactors from California to Virginia have been planning this event for over a year. Up to six cannon, fifty fighting men and women, period firearms and more will bring back to life the struggle that gave birth to the Ukrainian State.

The sabre fighting will be of the kind known as live blade. That means that
these highly trained combatants will be actually fighting with real steel
weapons not fencing or stage fakes! They really fight in un-choreographed
duels that strike home with a surprising force.

Great care has gone into all the details to ensure that the re-enactment will
be as accurate as possible down to smallest items such as three pronged forks
to the matchlock musquets used in the battle.

Apart from the twice daily battles there will also be living history
presentations and even a Cossack wargame demonstration, something for everyone!

For more information regarding Four Winds Renaissance faire click here


At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Aussiegirl!

And yes, this event sounds like something not to be missed... anyone who can take it in definitely should. It's the next best thing to a time machine!


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