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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A counter-boycott for May 1

By Aussiegirl

A reader sent me the following email -- looks like some people are organizing a counter-boycott and others have some ideas as well.


What do you do when your opponent gets a really good idea? Appropriate it. And implement it better than he can.

The pro-illegal-immigrant activists have come up with a superb plan. On May 1, they intend to drop out of the nation’s economy by (A) staying home from work and (B) buying nothing. It will be as if they had all left the country so that we—and Congress—can see what life would be like without them. Unlike lengthy traffic-blocking marches, it is non-disruptive and does not cost the cities anything for extra police duty, etc. It is the ultimate in passive resistance and could send a clear message to Congress that “we’re here and you’d better listen to us.” If I were an illegal immigrant, I’d praise it as an excellent idea. I’d even ignore the embarrassing fact that it happens to coincide with a Marxist holiday.

In fact, it’s too good an idea to waste on a mere eleven million illegals. I think that we hundred-million-plus anti-illegal conservatives should join in the fun by counteracting their boycott on May 1 and running a boycott of our own on May 5, which appropriately coincides with Mexico’s national holiday.

I was by no means the first to get this idea. it was originally suggested by Sher Zieve, on his website USA Sentinel, and then crystallized into a plan of action at Citizens on Strike.

The following proposal is my modification of the Citizens on Strike plan:

Step 1: Monday May 1: Counteract the boycott. If you workplace has illegal aliens or sympathizers who may stay out, be prepared to work extra hard so that the demonstrators won’t be missed. Send the message: “If necessary, we can do without you.” Then go out there and buy, buy, buy. Make a merchant happy on Mayday!

Step 2: Friday May 5: Follow Zieve’s plan as detailed at Citizens on Strike:

Stay home from work and transact no business.
Stay away from stores and make no purchases.
Do not use public transportation.
Consider turning off your TV, radio and computers.
In short, withdraw from the nation’s economy and focus on your home and family. Stay home or drive out into the country and enjoy nature—but buy your gasoline and picnic lunch the day before.

I’d make one exception to the above. With all the leisure time you will have available on May 5, make a few phone calls. Call your senator and congressman, tell them what you doing and why. Remind them that, unlike illegal aliens, you do have the right to vote and will use it in November. And while you’re at it, call your newspaper and tell them. Make their switchboards hum.

If we all do our part, business will peak on May 1 and sink ominously on May 5. We must send a clear message to Congress about who their constituency really are and how we will judge their voting record on immigration issues in November.


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