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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally parents fight back against homosexuality indoctrination in our elementary schools

By Aussiegirl

Parents are finally fighting back at the shocking methods of homosexual indoctrination going on in even our elementary schools. Those who tout communist regimes like those in Cuba and the former Soviet Union for providing universal public education fail to realize that the reason for doing this is to indoctrinate the children at the earliest possible age into the propaganda and mindset of the party and the proper ideology. My mother can still recite and sing from memory all the horrible things she was forced to learn as a child -- all about killing the priests, bourgeoisie and the kulaks, etc.

And the part about the "day of silence" sounds ominously familiar. Just the other day, a friend who teaches in a local college told me that the school had a "day of silence" in protest against "hate crimes" -- and when she approached a student with a question about an assignment the student put her finger to her lips and pointed to the lapel pin she was wearing that procaimed her "vow of silence". This is creepy, creepy stuff. The battle is lost if people do not take the education of their children in their own hands and stop this wholesale brainwashing and indoctrination. This is all a part of the left's agenda to destroy the family, which was also the aim of the communist party. Once you destroy the family as the formative factor in children's world view, you can pour in all the poison you want and educate an army of deluded robots.

Here's an excerpt of the press release along with some informative links:


On Thursday, April 27, Lexington parents David Parker and his wife, along with Rob and Robin Wirthlin, will be filing a major federal civil rights lawsuit in United States District Court in Boston.

The suit is against the Town of Lexington, and both individually and as public officials: Superintendent of Schools Paul Ash; former Superintendent of Schools William Hurley; School Committee Members Helen Cohen, Thomas Diaz, Olga Guttag, Scott Burson, and Thomas Griffith; Director of Education Andre Ravenelle; Health Education Coordinator Jennifer Wolfrum; Estabrook Principal Joni Jay; and second-grade teacher Heather Kramer.

According to a press release from the attorneys, the lawsuit has three counts: first, it alleges violations of the Federal Civil Rights of the plaintiffs by the defendants; second, it alleges violations of the plaintiffs' Massachusetts Civil Rights; and third, violation of the State's Parental Notification law [which we wrote and got passed in 1996] which ensures notification to parents prior to discussion with students regarding human sexuality issues.

The suit is seeking, among other things, injunctive relief, compensatory damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, and attorney's fees.

Pushing parents beyond the limit.

Exactly one year ago David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail when he insisted that school officials notify him before they discuss homosexuality with his 6-year-old son. Lexington school officials had arrogantly refused. Instead of working with him, they charged him with criminal trespassing when he merely demanded to be notified.
Click here for the exclusive background report

A few weeks ago, Lexington school officials defended the actions of a teacher who read a "modern" fairy tale of homosexual romance and "marriage" to second-graders. The teacher and principal told parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin that they could not remove their son from such this, nor could they get notice either before or after it happened. And that it might happen again.
Click here for our exclusive background report.

As you know, Article 8 / MassResistance exposed both of these horrific incidents to the world. Both incidents made national news and outraged people across the country and beyond. (Just today, we were on the radio in Australia about this! They could not believe this could happen anywhere.) Outrageously, Lexington has responded with even more acts of oppression, such as their yearly "Day of Silence" homosexual event at Lexington High School, which took place Wednesday. But everyone has been asking, "What can anyone do?"


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?? Oh my god. Suddenly, you have proclaimed that gays cause communism and not having families is communist and that communism is pretty much the equivalent of the devil. What are you talking about? This makes no sense. Firstly, Communism is not evil in any way. Pure communism detailed by Marx is peaceful and happy. Unfortunately, this is an extremely improbable dream and the communism that our world knows is actually far closer to dictatorships. If you are going to put down communism, look at our government. We are a capitalist democratic republic. More simply, our life revolves around money for status; we have an elected leader who we voted to elect. Surprisingly, this would be the same case as Nazi Germany and Iraq. Hitler was elected and so was Saddam so what makes a democratic republic so good? Nothing. The founding fathers of our country never wanted a single leader such as Bush. The founding fathers wanted a place where the people where making their own government and being free. This was a rebellion from English tyranny. This was a step towards a more liberal, dare I say it, Communist society.
Now, gays are in no way evil. What have gays ever done to anyone? Have they offended you by leading a free life guaranteed to them by the constitution? Or could it be that you are just discriminative. And on the day of silence in Lexington, students and parents were not asking "what can I do?" People were not saying anything in order to show support for gays and lesbians. Please just keep you hateful ideals to yourself. Thank you.


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