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Monday, April 24, 2006

A green Christian conservative

By Aussigirl

There's lots of mushy emotionalism and precious little science in this article. Dreher writes that there are NO serious people who can deny warming -- and that even if it can't be proven that human activity is the cause we would be derelict to ignore it. First of all, most REAL climatologists do not subscribe to the chicken-little global warming theories, and precisely what does Dreher think we can do about it, especially if it turns out that warming is a natural process the world has undergone many times in its past? It's incredible hubris to believe that by buying a hybrid car or avoiding a few trips to the mall we can change a global pattern most likely dependent on normal cyclical patterns and sun spots. And as for the left screaming loudest about the environment - it is precisely the most leftist governments in the world that have created the most environmental pollution and degradation -- the Soviet Union and China being the biggest criminals in this regard. The "capitalist" West, with all that greed he decries has actually used its resources most wisely and cleaned up the most pollution.

USATODAY.com - A green Christian conservative

By Rod Dreher

Earth Day is not my day, not really.
As both a conservative and an avid indoorsman, I've always seen it as a high holy day for hippies, Whole Foods devotees, spotted-owl fetishists and sundry crunchy-granola types who believe that "Think Globally, Act Locally" is the Eleventh Commandment. [....]

But you know, I've got to wonder how much longer we on the right can justify an environmental philosophy that amounts to little more than sneering at liberal tree-huggers.
Bottom line: When people like me start to believe Earth Day is for us, too, the earth will move under Washington's feet. But as long as cultural perceptions keep Earth Day a sectarian holiday for secular liberals, the pace of political change will be, alas, glacial.


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole global warming thing has been manufactured in my opinion. Check out 'Agenda 21' on the UN site. http://snipurl.com/poif

Their intentions are obvious.


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