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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hu heckler to be charged

By Aussiegirl

This is simply outrageous! This is America -- she had a valid pass -- she wasn't trespassing -- she expressed herself. Since when did "intimidating a foreign official" become an American crime? And to top it all off, rather than tell Hu, the Chairman of the Chinese Communist party that "sorry, bub, this is America and we have free speech, happens to me all the time" -- the President officially apologizes!!

What has become of our great nation that we will violate all our principles on the altar of global trade????

Hu heckler to be charged - North America - Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au

A FALUN Gong protester who heckled Chinese President Hu Jintao on the White House lawn today is to be charged with disorderly conduct and "intimidating" a foreign official, the US Secret Service said.

Wang Wenyi, who was working for the Epoch Times, stood among press photographers and shouted pro-Falun Gong slogans as Mr Hu made brief remarks before he held talks with President George W. Bush.
Ms Wang was led away by uniformed Secret Service agents.

"She was removed for disrupting the event. She will be charged with disorderly conduct and an additional charge," said Jonathan Cherry, spokesman for the Secret Service.

The charge is, "Willingly intimidating or disrupting a foreign official", he said.

Ms Wang was still being held pending an initial appearance at a Washington DC federal court, possibly today, he said.

She was at the Chinese leader's official welcoming ceremony "on a temporary press pass" and "went through all the appropriate levels of security, to include metal detectors and the security protocols", he said.
Stephen Gregory, a spokesman for the Epoch Times, said the newspaper was "investigating and trying to find out what happened".

He said Ms Wang's action "is not something done on behalf of the Epoch Times".

Ms Wang was a pathologist who researched claims by the Falun Gong that thousands of its followers in Chinese concentration camps have been killed and had their organs harvested and sold, he said.

Chinese authorities have rejected the group's claims.


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