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Friday, April 28, 2006

The "Mexicanization" of America

By Aussiegirl

In addition to the political corruption and fallout that this article is concered with, the economic implications are even greater for the eventual creation of this kind of two tiered society -- with a wealthy elite being serviced by a huge servant underclass. Consider the fact that in at least a decade mid-level wages have not risen in real terms. Correct me if I am wrong -- all this increased productivity that is constantly being hailed consists of you and me working longer and harder for the same amount of pay while the profits go up and up. One of the factors in keeping wages low is the pressure of illegals working in many areas, not just picking strawberries. Illegals are squeezing and holding down wages for construction and other building trades and many immigrants are also being imported to do more high-tech computer work, thus also suppressing those wages. Meanwhile the economy grows -- but who's getting rich? And to top it all off, the rich want YOU to subsidize all the cheap, illegal labor they desire with YOUR taxes to provide medical, schooling, welfare and other benefits that they would otherwise have to provide.

The American Thinker

By Thomas Baffy

The United States is being “Mexicanized” as we watch. I am not talking about race or demographics at all. I mean that our system of governance is being undermined, and that if we let matters continue, we will end up with a political economy like Mexico’s – unable to provide good lives for most of its people, but very good indeed for the wealthy elite.

I have no objection to any number of immigrants from any nation, if they enter the United States by following the rules. My objections center on the idea that our laws can be ignored by government officials when they deem them inconvenient to their own agenda.

The concept of equal rights for all Americans also revolves around the idea that our laws are applied equally to all of us. When governments ignore certain laws, they are in effect repealing them. They have accomplished through fiat what no one could do in the legislatures or the courts. The Constitution is bypassed. [....]

Our elected officials should be forced to go “on the record” if they want to change laws. Then we can register our verdict the next time they run for office.

It is plainly time for us to move the debate over illegal aliens to center on this point. Many other points in this issue are worth discussion, but this one is where we will either save our country or lose it.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Businesses that use illegal immigrants give capitalism a bad name.

What they are doing has nothing to do with free enterprise. It is called exploitation and is essentially just an evolved form of slavery.

In an ideal world, the business community would be condemning this practice, exposing it as human trafficking, and working to put an end to it.

Unfortunately, this is far from an ideal world.


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