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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Police in Tehran ordered to arrest women in 'un-Islamic' dress

By Aussiegirl

As always, Islam extends its worse repressions towards women. Measures like these can only enforce the growing revulsion toward Islam that many view as an alien religion that has been foisted on them. After all, Persion culture originally was Zorastrian, a monotheistic religion antedating Judaism. And let's not forget that Persians aren't Arabs, and Persian is an Indo-European language, related to English, and could just as easily be written in the Roman alphabet.

By the way, in 1935 the government, in order to curry favor with the Nazis, ordered that the name of the country be changed from "Persia" to "Iran", the latter with its similarity to the Nazi's favorite concept, the "Aryan".

Guardian Unlimited Special reports Police in Tehran ordered to arrest women in 'un-Islamic' dress

Iran's Islamic authorities are preparing a crackdown on women flouting the stringent dress code in the clearest sign yet of social and political repression under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

From today police in Tehran will be under orders to arrest women failing to conform to the regime's definition of Islamic morals by wearing loose-fitting hijab, or headscarves, tight jackets and shortened trousers exposing skin.

Offenders could be punished with £30 fines or two months in jail. Officers will also be authorised to confront men with outlandish hairstyles and people walking pet dogs, an activity long denounced as un-Islamic by the religious rulers. [...]

Loosely arranged headscarves - exposing glamourous hairstyles - and shorter, tight-fitting overcoats (manteaus) became a symbol of the social freedoms that flourished under the reformist presidency of Mohammed Khatami. [...]

However, Mr Shariatmaderi denounced the trends as "damaging to revolutionary and Islamic principles". "We are looking for a social utopia to live in but in the last couple of months, our attention has wavered," he told fellow councillors. "In the present international situation, people must unite under known principles."

The clampdown recalls the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic revolution, when women wearing lipstick were often confronted by female vigilantes wiping their faces clean with handkerchiefs, which were said to often conceal razor blades.

The new campaign will hold taxi agencies accountable for their passengers' attire, police will be able to impound cabs carrying women dressed "inappropriately". Agencies guilty of repeat offences will be closed. Police have reportedly been stopping women motorists recently whose hijab was judged inadequate. Police have also raided fashion stores and seized brightly coloured manteaus.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Taliban just relocated to Iran.

Next thing we know, women will not be allowed out of their houses, denied employment and education, and have their limbs chopped off for accidentally showing under their burquas.

What an insidious evil.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Those that insist on enforcing women’s dress codes which, in the most conservative examples, force women to go about in what could be viewed as ‘sacks’ with eye holes cut in them are not, in my view, protecting the honour of women. Rather they are dishonouring themselves by demonstrating that they don’t have the strength of character, sincerity of spirit or personal will to control their own basest instincts. The emotional (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) quotients of intelligence seem to be lacking in many. IQ is a ‘fluke’ and is not enough, the other two quotients are essential in large amounts to overcome personal stupidity or is it that they suffer from plain old ‘dumbness’ borne of a cultural indoctrination that looks to the past and pleads for the return of the ‘dark ages’!


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