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Thursday, May 11, 2006

As we bid a fond farewell to our glorious past -- say hello to a Muslim future

By Aussiegirl

Islam always seeks to destroy any existing culture and replace it with its own Arabic stamp. They are currently doing it in Iran -- trying to erase all historic memory of Iran's non-Muslim history. As the author states, they would also like to destroy the pyramids, which they see as pagan temples. And don't be at all surprised to see the great cathedrals of Europe turned into mosques, like the Muslims have done to one of Christendom's most ancient and beautiful churches, the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Already writers have reported that certain paintings by great masters that depict Mohammed in hell have been relegated to tiny back rooms where they are discretely kept from public view lest they "offend" the mighty Muslim sensibility. Indeed, Islam frowns on ALL art, music and literature -- if it's not in the Koran -- you don't need it. Get used to it. Get out that prayer rug a few times a day and just try it out and get the feel of it. Look around the office and see where you can make a prayers room and make sure it faces Mecca.

The American Thinker

In the future it may but little matter what the mainstream media champions.And choices are important. Such as the choice, that we moderns have, of deciding whether or not to perpetuate ourselves. The Europeans have apparently come down on the negative side of that existential question with the Spanish positioning themselves at the bottom of the European existential totem pole with a birthrate of only 1.1 children per woman. This is well below the replacement rate of approximately 2.1, plus or minus, children per woman. Fractional children being, of course, a modern existential concept.

In fact, the entire European population, what one would call “native-European” as opposed to the immigrant population, is in decline as has been pointed out by many on many an occasion. Will there be any Europeans left, in sufficient numbers to make any difference that is, in a hundred years or so? Good question. If current trends continue, the Muslim takeover of Europe without a shot being fired, as forecast by the Imams and others who are Islamically inspired, seems inevitable.

And what will happen to the monuments left by the modern Europeans? The cathedrals, museums, or works of art depicting the human form? All those things the new rulers of Europe will consider idolatrous? How soon before they disappear? A safe assumption might be not nearly as long the giant Buddhas carved from solid rock that the Taliban decided had been around for a few too many centuries. We may even be getting to the point where the pyramids, temples and colossi of ancient Egypt are at risk. Stephen Schwartz, himself a Sufi Muslim, has warned us about the intense fervor of Wahhabism:

In 1925, Ibn Saud, founder of the present Saudi Arabian dynasty, ordered the wholesale destruction of the sacred tombs, graveyards, and mosques in Mecca and Medina.

The single exception being the tomb of Mohammed himself after an outcry by traditional Muslims. Can’t image Wahhabi-inspired European Muslims showing any more deference for all things Christian, can you?

So, what the Europeans leave standing will be left for the new order in Europe to raze. What socialists everywhere, not just the European variety, fail to appreciate is that the past is part of us. Whether we wish it to be or not. One cannot have a future without having a past. And if one doesn’t preserve one’s own past, no one else will do it for you. Ibn Saud may have destroyed the Muslim archaeological past in Arabia. But he did keep their Book. And his descendents are determined that it will be the future.

For all of us.


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