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Monday, May 08, 2006

The curious case of Shirin Ebadi -- Nobel prize winner and promoter of the mullacracy

By Aussiegirl

Iranian author Amil Imani brings us the sad story of Shirin Ebadi, recent winner of the Nobel Prize, who instead of defending human rights in Iran has taken the side of the mullacracy and attacked the United States. Naturally, Oprah Winfrey can't wait to have her on her show. We might have suggested that Oprah feature either Atwar Bahjat or Ziba Kazemi, tragically they have both been murdered by the Islamic fanatics that this women openly supports. (Scroll down to read about the horrific fates of Bahjat and Kazemi.)

Shirin Ebadi -- Voice of Democracy of Voice of Mullacracy

The biggest surprise of 2003 was when an Iranian human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi, became the first Iranian ever to win a Nobel prize . Yet, the Nobel committee referred to her as the first Muslim woman, completely denying her nationality. That angered Iranian nationalists. Iranians have suffered enough cultural destruction from Islam, but now even the Nobel committee was denying Iranian nationality, and promoting Islam instead.

The story of SHIRIN EBADI, the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate was something for Iranians to be proud of. It began as a lyrical poem, evolving into the contemplative, national epic. It meant wonderful things to Iranians across the world. In the ancient tradition of historical epics, the story's elements all perfectly matched the image of the inspirational melody. It was an incantation of nationality, conjuring up the soul of freedom loving Iranians everywhere .

Iranians, who had been brutalized, imprisoned and tortured by the ruthless and merciless agents of the Islamic Republic, found reason to rejoice. They thought Ms. Ebadi would now become their voice to the outside world. Her sudden international recognition gave them great hope for a bright future. They had reason to be happy and proud, but little did they know.

Ms. Ebadi, instead of becoming the voice of the voiceless and using her Nobel status to speak about the atrocities of the Islamic Republic against the innocent people of Iran, she used her platform to speak against the war on terror, and to criticize the United States! She said the September 11 attacks had served to justify Islam's violation international law and human rights.


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