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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hispanic vandal targeted cars of fellow employees who refused to stay home from work on May Day

By Aussiegirl

Well lookie here -- those people who are here to work hard and do those jobs Americans won't do are showing their true colors. This behavior tallies with other anecdotal reports from Hispanics who report being threatened with violence unless they agreed to participate.

The only discernible effect here in Washington was the lack of traffic -- and believe me, no one complained about that - I'm sure we would like to have many such "days without illegal immigrants".

Hispanic held as Cinram vandal: "Huntsville police Wednesday arrested an illegal alien Hispanic worker at Cinram Corp. in connection with the vandalism of fellow Cinram employees' vehicles in the company parking lot.

Police said the vehicles, most of them owned by Hispanics, apparently were targeted because the owners went to work Monday during the 'Day Without Immigrants.' "


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