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Monday, May 01, 2006

Hugo Chavez is meddling in our domestic politics

By Aussiegirl

Excellent article about the involvement of Chavez in the planning of immigrant demonstrations in our country and other plans to involve himself in our internal affairs. Chavez has been a gathering danger down there in Venezuela, and we can thank Carter once again for helping to install another despot in power who will cause the U.S. an enormous amount of trouble. The enemies of the U.S. are many, and they are not going about attacking us where we are strong -- i.e. militarily -- but where we are weak -- our sense of national sovereignty, our weakness for cheap labor, our mushy liberal soft-heartedness and lack of national will. The people may be waking up, but the politicians are deaf to their cries and hear nothing but the siren calls of cheap votes and cheap labor. The sellout of America continues - from within -- and the insidious encroachement of our sovereignty from abroad. Our children will inherit a very different America than the one we knew and loved. Kudos to Thomas Lifson and A. M. Mora y Leon for some great research here showing the involvement of far more bad players than we had imagined in this immigration mess.

The American Thinker

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela does not lack for ambition. Sitting atop billions of petrodollars, closely allied with Fidel Castro (whose life span soon is nearing its natural end), Chavez is already sticking his nose in the business of other Western Hemisphere nations, supporting leftist candidates, Marxist rebels, aimed at toppling American imperialism, and buying far more arms than would be necessary to defend his borders.

There is every reason to suspect that Hugo Chavez may even be playing a planning and supporting role in today’s (May 1st – the Communist holiday) “Day Without an Immigrant” demonstrations.

[...]But there is more reason than mere concordance of goals to suspect a serious connection between Hugo Chavez and the demonstration’s leaders.

The web site (maintained by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network” a “coalition” whose members names are not readily visible) of the May 1 “Day Without An Immigrant” protest in Los Angeles contains its very own Hugo Chavez newswire of sorts, a string of news events centered around Chavez’s Caracas-based World Social Forum in January. Click here, and note the “Americas Watch” section.

Reading the articles linked to the demonstration home page can only lead one to the conjecture that Hugo Chavez has been actively helping the planning of events like today’s demonstration.

Back in January, Hugo Chavez hoisted the 6th World Social Forum, a gigantic collection of left wing activists from all over the world. During this time, a lot of talk and a lot of planning seems to have taken place, some of it directly relevant to today’s demonstrations. The fact that the demonstration’s web page links back to articles about the Forum, completes the loop. This is not enough proof to stand up in court, perhaps, but it does demonstrate alignment.

It’s noteworthy that Chavez said at the time of the Social Forum that he didn’t want the event to be just a “revolutionary tourism” event, but a platform for more protests targeted at the U.S “imperialists.” In particular, Chavez praised the effort to stop a border fence even said he wanted to be involved with the U.S. border struggle. Other media was noted he clownishly said he’d like camp out with the illegal immigration activists to protest a proposed border fence. That issue, of course, has become white hot for the May 1 protest.

Each article linked sheds light on who’s behind this vast immigrant unrest scheduled for today[...]


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