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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ukrainian movie-distributors protest requirement to use Ukrainian language

By Aussiegirl

Thanks to Scythian Princess over at Cyber Cossack for picking up the the following bit of news from Ukraine.

To their credit, the Yushchenko government is promoting the increasing use of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine. What a concept!

Meanwhile, the Russophile movie distributors are loathe to change their old habits. Try this in France!

ForUm :: Ukrainian movie-distributors to have legal proceedings with government

Ukrainian movie-distributors brought an action against the government of Ukraine, demanding to cancel the resolution, which obliges them to dub every fifth copy of a foreign movie in Ukrainian beginning from September 1, 2006.

[...]According to him, movie-distributors will argue in the court that imposing the Ukrainian language on film-goers the government violates Constitution of Ukraine.


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