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Friday, May 05, 2006

Vanishing American

By Aussiegirl

Check out a great new blog called the "Vanishing American". The writing and thinking is first-rate. The blogger describes the blog this way: "Reflections and commentary by a citizen of an America that is obsolescent: traditional America."

I can't help but agree with the following post.

Vanishing American

The Republican Party, or the Republic?

What a choice. It should be a no-brainer: the Republic and its survival should take precedence over the fortunes of the Republican Party, or any political party. But for some extreme party loyalists, to even think of voting for anyone other than the GOP is to commit high treason.
In a column at Townhall.com, 'Getting serious about the illegals', Mike Gallagher is troubled that many of the callers to his radio talk show are threatening to mutiny and vote for other parties. Mike fears for the future of the Republican Party. I have heard this reaction from others who are dismayed that anyone who had previously voted GOP would dare to vote for another party. It's hard for some of us, however, to fathom such extreme loyalty to a party as opposed to a set of principles. Ultimately it should be about preserving our Republic and the principles which guided its founding. And we should have a loyalty to our fellow Americans, and the well-being and safety of the country as a whole. Whether or not my vote 'hurts' the Republican Party at this point is of little concern to me; I see my country in distress, and the principles of our country under attack. Forgive me if my focus is on those things rather than on a party which has shown precious little concern for those very things that so occupy my thoughts.


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