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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Washington Offers No Solutions

By Aussiegirl

Bravo to Christopher Adamo for a well-written article and a great analysis of the situation. There is hardly a person left in this country who isn't completely sick of the corruption and stench emanating from Washington. The powdered wigs and silk-britches set have forgotten that they are the servants of the people and have installed themselves as a permanent elite ruling class. There have been many "last straws" in the leadup to this complete collapse of public confidence, but the immigration mess and the energy prices have brought everything to a head. If nothing else, we should evict EVERY incumbent from office -- and support every primary challenger who is a bona fide conservative. Otherwise, some as-yet unknown person is going to have to step forward and seize the imagination of the public. We need another Reagan!

The American Thinker

The nation’s capital has been shaken by the recent Rasmussen poll indicating that a significant portion of Americans would support a third-party candidate for President in 2008. Perhaps most alarming to Washington’s current ruling class is the fact that such rampant discontent with the likely choices of either major party for President Bush’s successor is also reflected in the polling data indicating public disgust with the entrenched members of Congress as well. [....]

Ultimately, the Rasmussen poll shows that it is conservatism, hated by the Democrat insiders and abandoned by fearful Republicans, that is missing in Washington. Moreover, a truly conservative agenda would most certainly attract grassroots Democrats as it did in the 1980 and 1984 elections of Ronald Reagan.

Then, as now, they are not drawn to the “light-beer” version of liberalism advocated by GOP “moderates,” but to truly conservative alternatives. [....]

Alarmingly, the two issues that best illustrate this recognition are reaching critical mass at virtually the same time. In the past few weeks, Americans have tasted the bitter fruit of both the negligence in protecting the nation’s borders and the lack of a worthwhile energy policy, and the consequent skyrocketing of gasoline prices. [....]

Meanwhile, the entire country suffers while Congress remains hopelessly crippled by the partisan bickering that offers wild Democrat accusations and Republican cowardice as a substitute for real action. The only thing worse for the nation is the occasional episode of “bipartisanship” by which Washington increasingly fortifies itself against real America.

Thus is the growing affinity with a “third party” easy to understand.


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