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Monday, May 01, 2006

Yushchenko rejects Tymoshenko's Prime Ministerial bid

By Aussiegirl

Meanwhile, back in Ukraine, Yushchenko is still trying to form a government with the old Orange Coalition, but the old problem of Yulia's ambitions are the sticking point. Oddly, Yushchenko may consider a coalition with his old rival Yanukovych's party, whos economic goals are closer to his own than Yulia's socialist and leftist policies. Stay tuned. The bright side is, no one is demonstrating in the streets because the vote was rigged, no one has been assassinated or imprisoned -- all is functioning just as it should in a modern parliamentary democracy. Horse trading and coalition building are ever the hallmark of a free society. That is the true triumph of the Orange Revolution, and makes such a marked difference to what is going on in Belorus in the aftermath of their rigged and staged election.

YUSHCHENKO'S TEAM REJECTS TYMOSHENKO'S PRIME MINISTERIAL AMBITION - Eurasia Daily Monitor: "Yulia Tymoshenko's desire to return to the prime minister's chair has become the main obstacle to restoring the Orange Revolution coalition in order to form a majority in Ukraine's newly elected parliament. President Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine bloc has rejected Tymoshenko's demand that the distribution of key posts should precede the drafting of an action plan for the coalition. Tymoshenko, in return, has accused Yushchenko's team of foul play. The junior partners in a would-be tripartite coalition, the Socialist Party (SPU) of Oleksandr Moroz, have apparently sided with Tymoshenko, who offered to them the post of
speaker of parliament."


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