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Sunday, July 23, 2006

China Confidential: China Forging Strategic Ties to Radical Islam

By Aussiegirl

It's even worse than I suspected when it comes to the involvement of China with our sworn enemies. There's a fabulously informative blog on China called China Confidential that I just learned about. Readers of UT know that I have long been warning about China's reach around the globe and its rising military ambitions. China is not our ally, instead China is fast positioning itself and arming itself towards the eventual defeat of the West. This important blog is tracking the important developments on this front. I urge you to read the entire piece from which I've excerpted a few alarming and eye-opening quotes, and many other pieces on this important blog tracking the danger that China poses. Thanks to blogger Confidential Reporter for his obvious expertise and inside track on this emerging threat. UT will be following this blog closely from now on.

China Confidential: China Forging Strategic Ties to Radical Islam

China is pursuing a troubling, tricky alliance with radical, rightwing Islam, or Islamism, despite concerns about its own restive Muslim population.

In China's view, the potential rewards of cozying up to Islamist countries and terrorist groups outweigh the risks. In forging ties to Shiite Iran, its Lebanese terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, and the Sunni Palestinian Hamas, Beijing believes it can effectively buy protection against the export of Islamism to China's western province of Xinjiang, which is home to some 55 million Muslims, including radical fundamentalists and ethnic separatists.

The policy has the blessing of the Chinese military, which is also supporting and dictating policy toward North Korea[...]

Liu's wide-ranging views include the idea that the West is engaged in a losing civilizational clash with rising, radical Islam and that the world of military strategy has forever been changed by the US invasion of Iraq. Like other PLA theoreticians, he advocates "unrestricted warfare"--use of a variety of methods to isolate, weaken and ultimately defeat the enemy--and "winning without fighting" whenever possible, i.e. making maximum use of deception and diplomacy in the face of a technologically superior enemy, such as the "US hegemon." [...]

Nor is Liu's strategic influence limited to the Middle East and political Islam. In April, he accompanied Chinese defense minister Cao Gangchuan during his four-day visit to Pyongyang. North Korean state media (the only kind) reported that the PLA officers and their Korean People's Army comrades discussed ways to “strengthen military ties” and exchanged “valuable” opinions.

Analysts tell China Confidential that they also discussed Iran. A delegation consisting of 10 Iranian missile scientists and Iranian military and intelligence officers, we are told, were on hand for North Korea's provocative July 4 (US time) missile tests. Japanese sources say the Iranians stopped in Beijing on their way to the secretive Stalinist state.

North Korea, as China Confidential reported yesterday, has supplied Iran with Chinese-made missiles, technology and know-how, which Tehran has in turn transferred to its terrorist Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. It would not be surprising if some of the Iranians who were present for the North Korean tests have also participated in Hezbollah's missile attacks against northern Israel.


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