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Sunday, July 23, 2006

China sees Tehran trying to suck Syria into war

By Aussiegirl

More ominous information from China Confidential. It appears to me that Iran has decided, as I said yesterday, to open its war with Israel on his own timetable, much sooner than anyone had anticipated. Read this entire post to learn why. Particularly ominous is the information that a growing minority of opinion in Israel believes that Iran may only be a month or two away from a nuke. Iran's actions in provoking this war would testify to the truth of that possibility. Ahmadinejad seems to feel that he is in a strong position to press the advantage and fulfill his stated goal of wiping Israel off the map. I doubt that Hezbollah is going to settle for disarming and being policed by some multi-national force. The battle may already have been engaged on Iran's schedule. How we and Israel respond is the key. Scroll down for this article, I've included the link for the home page because everything else on that pages is of equal importance to understanding what is going on and how all these threats are interrelated -- including news that the North Korean missile tests were not only observed by Iranian military, but were also successful. Meanwhile we have the usual idiots at the State Department acting like China and North Korea are nothing much to worry about.

China Confidential

Senior Chinese officials and intellectuals specializing in the Middle East believe Iran is trying to suck Syria into Tehran's proxy war with Israel.

The Iranians, according to the Chinese, see a no-lose opportunity. On the one hand, Iranian ally Syria could surprise Israel and recover the Golan Heights, which the Jewish State captured during the Six-Day War of June 1967. On the other hand, should Syria suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Israel's superior military forces, the secular Baathist regime in Damascus would almost certainly be toppled by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Either way, Iranian influence in the region would increase, even though the non-Arab Iranians are Shiites and the Syrian Islamists are Sunnis.


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