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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is Ahmadinejad planning a missile strike on Israel's reactor at Dimona?

By Aussiegirl

Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program Here's a link about Israel's nuclear weapons plant at Dimona, a production facility that houses both their peaceful nuclear energy reactor as well as production of plutonium and other nuclear materials for their weapons program.

I mention it here because of a report I heard last night on the John Batchelor show about the ominous possibility that the long-term strategy of Iran and Hezbollah in this current war with Israel may be a direct strike on this facility with one of Iran's guided long-range missiles, a missile reportedly accurate to within 100 meters. If a direct missile strikes this facility and manages to crack the shell, the resultant contamination would be devastating.

There are an increasing number of signs that Iran may have deliberately pulled the trigger on this confrontation with Israel through its proxy Hezbollah, and a number of Iranian actions and statements by Ahmadinejad point to the same conclusion. If you read the article published right below from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cofounder of the Iraq the Model blog believes that Ahmadinejad is framing the current crisis in apocalyptic terms and envisions an Armageddon, ending with the destruction of Israel and the return of the 12th Imam. Could this be Iran's way of making a nuclear strike on Israel without even needing a nuclear weapon?

The date of August 22nd has been mentioned by a number of writers, including Gordon Cucullu and Robert Spencer, as being one we should keep our eyes on. It is the date on which Mohammed supposedly ascended to the heavens on a white horse over the skies of Jerusalem. In regard to this Ahmadinejad recently declared that he would "illuminate the night sky over Jerusalem" in a magnificent display that would commemorate this great event.

Iranian friends tell me that there is growing alarm in the expatriate Iranian community that Ahmadinejad is planning a nuclear strike on Israel for the 22nd of August. All evidence continues to mount that this confrontation was not an accident and that Iran has a definite plan of escalation in mind.

Ahmadinejad's recent statement in Indonesia that even though a cease-fire was called for at present, that only the elimination of Israel would solve the Mideast problem once and for all is yet another ominous sign pointing to just such a plan.

In addition, if we look back a few months we can remember the curious letter that Ahmadinejad sent to President Bush, in which he called for him to convert. Some naive western observers thought this indicated a willlingness to bargain and to negotiate, but in an article that appeard in Ultima Thule, Iranian author Amil Imani postulated a different hypothesis. He reminded us that historically the Muslim conquerors often issued ultimatums that called on the subject to either convert -- or die, followed by devastating military conquest. He suggested that that was the most likely meaning of that curious letter -- a kind of Muslim "fair warning".

Since then Ahmadinejad has increasingly called for Israel's destruction, even going so far as to write a conciliatory letter to Germany in which he reportedly tried to suggest that his aims and historic German aims were one and the same - i.e. the elimination of the the Jewish people. His letter was angrily rejected as being completely insulting and unacceptable.

We need to recognize that we are not dealing with rational leadership here that can be appealed to on grounds of diplomacy or rapproachement. As my Iranian friends tell me -- the Iranian mullahs are suicidal -- they know that making a nuclear attack on Israel will lead to devastation for their own country, but they are willing to maryr themselves in order to prepare the way for the return of the Mahdi, because they believe that his return is predicated on the creation of violence and chaos in the world.

Let's hope that these fears are nothing more than a vivid imagining and remain unrealized. Otherwise we are facing unthinkable events in our near future. And even if it doesn't happen now -- this is what they are building towards -- we must make urgent plans to behead this regime or to foster a quick overthrow of this government. The good people of Israel, and the good people of Iran and the rest of the world deserve better.


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