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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Islam: The greatest threat to Western Civilization and Christianity

By Aussiegirl

Author Amil Imani has written another important article, extracts of which I have posted below. Be sure to read it in its entirety.
Islam: The greatest threat to Western Civilization and Christianity :: Faith Freedom International :: Only Truth can set us free!

Amil Imani
Nearly 1400 years ago, a group of nomads from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Iran (Persia), the greatest empire known to the history of man. With that, they almost destroyed one of the most benevolent and beautiful religions of all humanity, Zoroastrianism, often called the mother of all revealed religions. Due to its antiquity and subsequent influences on later Judaic beliefs, Judaism as we know it has endearingly been dubbed by some scholars as "Moses through Zoroastrian eyes". It is no coincidence that the Old Testament was put into written form during the height of Persian predominance, when Zoroastrian ideas, such as the triumph of Good over Evil, and concepts related to an after-life, such as Heaven, Hell, Resurrection, and Paradise (itself a Persian word) found their way into ancient Judaism, especially in the post-exilic period.

According to Stephen Van Eck, the influence of the prophet Zarathushtra (or Zoroaster in English) upon Judeo-Christian beliefs and all of Western Civilization is little told, but should not be underestimated. Zoroaster's life and words changed the course of Western Civilization, as attested by prolific Greek writers and philosophers, setting it on a course that departed from the static cultures of the ancient Middle East. Without his impact, Judaism would be hard to recognize, and Christianity would probably never have gained momentum to become a world religion.

Dr. W.Y. Evans-Wentz, an Oxford professor who was one of the world's leading authorities on Eastern mysticism and religion, was quoted in the book, "In Search of the Birth of Jesus: The Real Journey of the Magi", by Paul William Roberts, as saying: "Without Zarathushtra there would be no Christ". He was essentially making a strong statement about the immense stature and profound influence of Zoroastrianism at the time, since the religion of Zoroaster had been in existence for at least 2000 years before the birth of Christ.

Ironically, though, the acknowledgment of the birth of Jesus by the Three Magi or the "Wise Men of the East", who were Zoroastrian priests, has been celebrated in the setting of the Nativity scene during Christmas celebrations by believers all around the globe, yet little or no attention is given to the fact that the three men bearing gifts for the infant in the manger made their journey from Iran (or ancient Persia) and were in fact Zoroastrians who welcomed the birth of a new religion.

Although enumerating the influences of Zoroastrianism and Iranian Civilization on the world cultures is not the primary objective of this author and is out of the scope of the present article, it is important to demonstrate the salient point of how Islam has been on a collision course with great civilizations from its inception. Just as it brutally conquered and bitterly stifled one of the fountainheads of progress in ancient Iran, Islam still remains a very real threat to Western Civilization and to any progressive civil society in the 21st century. It is virulently capable of great destruction and retardation of minds, as we have seen in the past two decades, and the clear and present danger should be taken very seriously by any open-minded citizen of this planet who cares about freedom, human rights and progress. [....]

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, tragedy reigns in the "Land of the Nobles". The remnants of the great Persian Empire were swallowed up by the Muslim conquerors storming out of Arabia, and a tyrannical version of Islam eviscerated the spiritual life of tolerant old Persia. Regrettably, Zoroastrianism, the original Iranian religion, was not an effective barrier against the radical and backward religion from the Arabian Desert, and to this day, despite renewed waves of Iranian nationalism, neither Zoroastrianism nor Iranian culture have fully rebounded from this tragedy. In fact, the Islamic regime in Iran has actively down-played the ancient Iranian and Persian cultures and continues to suppress any sense of nationalism that may be perceived as a "threat" to Islam or the Islamic regime

Islam, as it is officially practiced in Iran today, is a stultifying, iron cowl. After 1400 years, militant Islam is again the greatest threat to existence of the free world and Judeo-Christian civilization. The very same evil force that set out to destroy the Iranian civilization partially succeeded in ancient times, and still strives hard to deliver the coup de grace to the Iranian people. The modern manifestation of the Islamic Caliphate has reincarnated into the "Islamic Republic" of Iran, which has been holding the majority of Iranians hostage for the past 28 years. Islamofascists ruling the country hope to realize their expansionist master-plan after defeating the people of Iran first, and ultimately unleashing their reign of Islamic terror on the rest of the world in succession. Hence, the importance of American support for the Iranian people cannot be overemphasized.

Let us remember that the Arabs who sallied out of the deserts did not fan out to the outside world with the Quran in one hand and flowers in the other, preaching love and peace from street corner to street corner, aiming to capture the hearts and minds of the people. Islam was forced on every culture it encountered at the point of the sword. The kinder, gentler alternative was the imposition of the backbreakingjizyah (poll tax) levied on those who were spared the sword and allowed to retain their religious beliefs as "infidels". In spite of paying the heavy jizyah, non-Muslims were consistently treated, at best, as second class citizens in their own homelands all across the Middle East.

Islam once again, 1400 years later, is seeking world domination through worldwide Islamic terrorism. It is seeking the destruction of everything in the world that is good, and intends to replace it with the most barbaric ideology known to the history of man. Islam sees Christian America as a formidable enemy standing in its path of world-domination. Hence it has waged a war on Christian America. [....]

Islam is the greatest threat facing Christian America today. Mosques have been popping up all over the free land. It won't be too long before we see our glorious constitution replaced by the Islamic Sharia. The Persians have learned this hard lesson, so, let us make sure that Americans learn this lesson from the Persian experience.

The overwhelming majority of Iranians of today stand shoulder to shoulder with the civilized free people of the world to defeat Islamofascism. The Iranians have not forgotten their heritage; they take pride in their ancient creed of light -- that of Zoroaster; they see themselves as inheritors of a great culture and tradition -- that of Cyrus the Great, the exemplary just king; and are determined to pay any price to put an end, once and for all, to the virulent disease of Islamic fascism.

Islam is incompatible with democracy and freedom. America is the cradle of democracy. Islam is anti-democracy. Hence, a Muslim person cannot possibly be both, an American and a Muslim, simultaneously. And let us not be deceived-- Islam is not a religion of peace. Citizens of the United States must be vigilant in understanding the imminent threat of Islam to their culture and on their own soil.The threat of Islam is real. The very survival of Christian America is dependent upon our understanding that Islam is America's greatest enemy.

"The light of American freedom must be preserved for humanity. To save our democracy, all Americans must unite!!" -- Thomas Jefferson


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the fate of other civilisations as well. Look at the Egyptinas. They have standing examples of great heritage in Pyramids. No ancient civilisation equals the Pharohs of Egypt in magnificence and high cultural development. Yet the present islamic Egyptins ignore their wonderful past and see glory in the brutal indoctrinations of verses that had put them backwards for ever.Who cares modern Egyptians. I only am fascinated by their fore fathers who gave this world things beyond the belief of anybody. They were graet not the present idiots.

The only civilisation that could still remain more or less intact albeit smothered and rudderless, is Hinduism. Thousand years of muslim rule could not convert India into a muslim country.The country is till a vibrant hindu civilisation which quickly adopts to modernism seamlessly. Paradoxical yet real.


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