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In ancient times the northernmost region of the habitable world - hence, any distant, unknown or mysterious land.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ultima Thule is recommended by the American Thinker

By Aussiegirl

Many thanks to that estimable warrior for the preservation of Western Civilization, Herb Meyer, for his kind words and link to Ultima Thule today. Readers should know that Herb Meyer has been fighting in the wars for American democracy for most of his life. As the Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence in the Reagan administration, Herb was the only person in the CIA to correctly predict the collapse of the Soviet Union, recognizing it for the failed state that it was at the same time that the rest of the CIA specialists were forecasting a booming Soviet Union for decades to come. His perspicacity and insight into the true state of affairs in this world has only grown sharper over the years. Readers should check out and purchase his excellent DVD entitled "The Siege of Western Civilization", which has become an international bestseller and was recently made available to our fighting men and women free of charge as a thank you gesture, so that they might all know what it is they are fighting to preserve. I first watched this video several years ago when the world seemed like a much safer place than it does today. Herb had the vision to see what was coming and to sound perhaps the first clarion call to arms to prevent the coming unravelling of Western Civilization and all the benefits to mankind that it provides. Don't miss it.

Greg Richards has some excellent and thoughtful reflections on the Lebanon ceasefire.

The American Thinker

Aussiegirl in on the case, as usual, at Ultima Thule. She’s appalled by the U.N. deal to stop the fighting in Lebanon and to leave Hezbollah intact., She believes that radical Islam has put the survival of Western civilization is at risk, and she points out that it’s women such as Melanie Phillips, Oriana Fallaci and The Jerusalem Post’s estimable Caroline Glick who’ve been sounding the alarm loudest and clearest. (She’s too modest to include herself among this elite group.) In her latest essay, Aussiegirl calls for the politicians and deal-cutters—including our Secretary of State—to step aside and make room for the men—the men—who know how to fight and win.

This is a tough, blunt essay in a style you won’t get from the elites. That’s why it’s worth reading.


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