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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Leaping Fish Gave Early Warning Of Hawaii Quake

By Aussiegirl

It wasn't only people who were jolted awake by the recent Hawaii quake -- fish were seen to jump out of a lagoon. This phenomenon is in line with many reports that animals of all kinds seem to sense an impending earthquake. Here's an interesting website with a long article including links on scientific research concerning the ability of animals to predict earthquakes. James Berkland, a retired USGS geologist from Santa Clara County, California, uses an increase in lost dogs and cats in the classified section of the newspaper in order to predict quakes along with lunar tides. Fish have also been known to rise to the surface and even jump out of the water on other occasions as well. Berkland hypothesizes that the animals are reacting to changes in the magnetic field.

local6.com - Local News - 'Jolted' Fish Gave Early Warning Of Hawaii Quake

Fish in a lagoon at a Hawaiian resort began to jump out the water like they were being jolted with electricity minutes before a 6.6 magnitude earthquake rattled the islands, causing blackouts and landslides, according to Local 6's Erik von Ancken, who is vacationing in the area.

Von Ancken said he was on a beach during a visit to the islands over the weekend when he noticed the fish.

"The fish started to jump out of the water in a lagoon, like jump out of the water like a jolt," Local 6's Erik von Ancken said. "Obviously, they sensed it before we did and then everything started shaking."


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Chicago, our local public broadcasting station ran a 'Nova' program, (scientific education), that covered almost identicsl subject matter. In the program, they researchers posited that the fauna were detecting, for us, sub-sonic vibrations from the tectonic shock waves that preceeded macro-scale movement.
The observed piscene behaviour is a predation avoidance repsponse. Fish have rows of pressure sensors along the lateral lines of their bodies. The tectonic shocks would have produced marked local water pressure changes/waves that the fish would have interpreted as a fast-approching predator. Leaping out of the water is known as a tactic to confuse a predator.

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