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Monday, January 15, 2007

BonnieBlueFlag remembers Helen

BonnieBlueFlag asked me, David, Helen's husband, to post her beautiful tribute, which I am doing here. It then occurred to me that, although Aussiegirl is no longer here to comment on the passing political scene, with side trips to literature, science, and religion, her unique voice hasn't been completely stilled, since I have found several drafts of things she had written and then not posted. I want to keep her memory alive as long as I can, which means keeping her beloved blog going as long as I can. So I shall be posting these writings, hopefully not against her wishes. In addition, I've found several emails she sent to herself on her MSNTV site, and I shall be posting them also. I figure that almost everything that Aussiegirl wrote was of value, because of her wit, depth of thought, and ease of expression. One more reason to keep the blog going is so that her readers can dip into her archives -- she began Ultima Thule September 19, 2004, and since then she managed to publish 2457 posts on a dazzling variety of themes, from politics through literature to music.
Judging from the response, some 150 replies, to Lucianne.com's Memorial Thread, Helen as Aussiegirl touched many, many lives, and I feel blessed to have lived with such a dynamic person for some 32 years. May she rest in peace.

Our Dear Friend, Helen,

by: BonnieBlueFlag

The glow of my computer screen has dimmed ever so slightly, it probably would not be noticeable to anyone else, but for me it has lost the warm glow of knowing that Helen is there waiting for me just beyond the azure blue desktop.

We met via e-mails regarding Lucianne.com, just as she had met so many others, but something clicked between us, and we formed a bond that would last for a long time. Somehow we seemed to cram the story of our entire lives into our e-mails. I felt that I knew Helen better than most of the people who had been in my life for many more years.

After our first tentative e-mails to be sure that neither of us was a 13 year old boy in disguise, we discovered that in spite of our extremely different backgrounds, we had much in common, along with a great many quirks, foibles, and funny stories to share.

I knew from the beginning that she was someone special and very unique. Her heart and soul were just bursting at the seams to be out in the world and to be part of the action. However, her body was never as strong as her spirit, and fortunately for many of us around the world, the miracle of the Internet and her computer keyboard brought us to her doorstep.

Those of you who know that I was originally a contributor to "Ultima Thule," may think that I have been suspiciously quiet the last few days, but I have been unable to write more than a few words at a time without breaking down in tears.

John Donne's words, ". . . Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." keep running through my head, because Helen was most certainly involved with mankind, and we have all been diminished by her loss.

And while my grief feels unbearable at this moment, I would never give up all the e-mails we shared, or the mutual encouragement through troubled times and good times. Helen is forever firmly ensconced in my heart.

Helen loved all of you who responded to her, and believe me it took all of us to keep her mind vibrant and occupied. She had so many talents and interests that no one person could keep up with her. In turn each of us was somehow enriched by having known her.

My deepest sympathies are with Helen's beloved husband, David, and to her sister, Julie. I know their hearts are broken, and their lives will never be the same without the love, understanding, and enthusiasm, that she brought to them every day.



At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Bonnie Blue Flag for the beautiful tribute to your dear friend. I know just how special you were to her!

And David, I am so pleased to hear that you hope to keep UT going for awhile. I've not had time to dip into the archives to read Helen's wisdom on so many subjects. I want to keep all of her writings on music to read and read again.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Liberty said...

David, I also would like to thank you for continuing to post any of Aussiegirl's writings.

I have two requests. The first has been asked by someone else as well. Would you consider posting pictures of Helen, maybe through her life, on this blog? Also, an idea: what if all those who were connected to Helen, personally, or through her blog, wrote a little something about their unique relationship to her and how it affected them?

I will be dedicating my next blog to her this weekend. Thank you so much. Strength to carry you through!

Lady Liberty


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