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Sunday, September 19, 2004

The musing begins

Herein a series of musings on matters varied and sundry and on no particular schedule -- in other words -- random blab and stuff.

Since I have no computer knowledge beyond the bare essentials, I should say at the outset, that if you're looking for extensive and thorough links to the articles discussed herein, you'll have to go elsewhere. If however, you can find the article under discussion on your own or to know where to link to the NYT, and all the other media that is old, plus the blogs and media that are new -- I'll assume your knowledge of the internet is at least as sophisticated as mine. I will provide names of publications and authors as well as an URL, but as yet don't know how to do the kind of link that other people do to make your search easier. As my knowledge increases, hopefully (and, hopefully you won't write to me about the misuse of hopefully), this will change.

But more than likely, if you're like me, you've already read all this stuff -- so why are you reading this? I'm writing it because Cabanaboy harrassed me into doing it and then "outed" me for good measure -- thanks a lot, Walt!!

Topics will be wide-ranging and not limited to the political or the current and may be trivial as well as worthy. You are as likely to read something about Beethoven, Verdi, George Herbert, I Love Lucy, Bette Davis, Barbara Pym or cats, as you are to find something on the current imbroglio involving CBS. All content is purely the biased and completely personal opinion of this author and occasional pieces perhaps by guest contributors, i.e my pals.

So -- onwards and upwards. Danny Boy and the Mystery Documents -- oh boy -- where to begin with this one. One thing's for certain, the Old Media have circled the wagons while doing what they do best -- at once protesting their innocence, the profound importance of themselves to the destiny of the nation, and making the requisite "noises" of tsk, tsk, cluck, cluck in CBS's direction -- just to give themselves some cover -- but always taking care to include pot shots at Bush in every article. The wink-wink, nod-nod form of snide insinuation that has become what is so hubristically referred to as "Journalism" with a capital "J".

This too clever by half strategy served them well for many years, as they cloaked themselves in the self-righteous robes of neutral purveyors of Journalistic Truth from on high, suitably sanitized for our protection like those old paper doilies to be found on the toilet seats in low-rent motels -- and probably just as honest about the purity which supposedly lies underneath the cover.

But the veneer is wearing mighty thin and -- like Shep Smith's scalp -- is beginning to shine through at awkward moments when the studio lights are on. Dan and Peter and Tom, et al. are so much like the aristos of old France -- those Frenchies -- who played and cavorted while the masses plotted and fumed. Can't you just see them in their silk breeches, with their powdered wigs -- adoring each other at their insulated little getaways, while the pajama-clad huddled masses warm their freezing hands over a warm keyboard and a cup of java from a chipped mug. Ha -- the Pajama Brigade has manned the barricades from every corner and there's no place left to hide. And the sound they hear is not the thundering of hob-nailed boots, but the tap-tap of keyboards and the pad-pad of bunny-slippered feet sneaking up on them.

Why, just this morning I was greeted by the satisfying sight of Dan Rather being importuned by a persistent little reporter as he left the airport in Texas. � Dan has traveled to far-off Texas in the further pursuit of journalistic excellence and his desire to be the FIRST to break the story that those documents are forgeries. When pressed he managed to get in several digs at Fox News -- ouch -- touchy-touchy Dan.

Oh how delectable a sight -- the Mighty Dan the Man -- the khaki-klad intrepid reporter, hanging on for dear life in a hurricane of his own making -- and suffering the same slings and indignities which countless public officials have been heir to at the very hands of the likes of Dan and 60 Minutes. It's a turnaround devoutly to be savored. You could see the chagrin on his face and the barely suppressed "How DARE you, sir????", mixed with a sense of unreality. "How could this be happening to ME???"

And in another galaxy and another universe entirely, I watched this morning on Fox as our President and Commander in Chief, George W. Bush was visiting hurricane ravaged Pensacola, Florida. To see him striding, (in Texas they call that walking for all the Dems out there), through the devastation, with a sense of calm, authority and deep compassion was to witness a leader at his best and finest. A true man of the people. Have we shaken ourselves out of the morass of negative propaganda these past decades to fully appreciate how truly fortunate we are to have witnessed in our lifetimes, two such extraordinary Presidents as our beloved Reagan and now, completely his own man, George Bush!

Suddenly through the debris and devastation a group of home-owners rushed towards their President. A man holding a faded flag, which he had somehow salvaged from the carnage behind him which had evidently once been either his house or his neighbor's. But once again, what is it that Americans hold dear?? Their neighbors, their family, country, their flag, their heritage, their President. It truly brought tears to my eyes. The women rushed towards him with a sense of seeing a long-lost relative at last, they wanted to embrace him and to be comforted.

And George Bush was equal to the task. He was sympathetic, at ease, completely interested and engaged. Look upon this, you Democrats and your minions in the old media -- this is both OLD and NEW America -- for America is always renewing itself, incorporating the best of the old verities, our Constitution, our love of country and flag, our decency and our passionate love of freedom and liberty -- and pushing liberty with new tools and with new voices and vigor. But it is still the same old story that has been told since the days of the founding of the Republic -- we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Long may that Star Spangled Banner yet wave!!


At 9:08 PM, Blogger MsFalconersCabanaBoy said...

Just great! Admit it. You love it. Now you can talk to the people you know, and say, "Well, the other day, I was writing on my blog..." and see some of the reactions.

Tell me it's not something you feel better for having done. ;^)

At 12:09 AM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

Hi Aussiegirl!

I would have arrived much sooner, but my cat, Gen. Sterling Price, hid my invitation. Sterling doesn't like for me to be away too long.

Great location, and I love what you have done with the place.

Did you get the flowers that I sent for your house warming? Yes, they were lovely weren't they.

I saw George and Jeb today as they toured the devastated areas of Florida and Alabama. Did you see the faces of those people when they saw the President? It was probably the first time that they had smiled in many days. And Pres. Bush just walked right over to them with big open arms and lots of hugs.

The number of people that this president has tried to comfort in the past 4 years is just staggering. I believe that he will be remembered as a great president, but more than that, I think history will note what a good and true man he was.

Best wishes for many interesting conversations in the future.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger JRob said...

As a ldot waitlister I have enjoyedyour posts. I wuish you the best of luck

At 7:10 PM, Blogger James Beam said...

Great imagery!

Linking is easy if you get "blogthis!" or the google toolbar.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks for the tip on BlogThis. Now I've been pushed into the water by Walt I'll try to learn to swim with all this html stuff. So far the standard of blogging of other l-dotters is truly humbling and inspiring.


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