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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

That's why we have jurors and not lawyers

By Aussiegirl

In a verdict for common sense and decency a jury has found Scott Peterson not only guilty of first-degree murder in the grisly deaths of his pregnant wife and unborn son, but has sentenced him to face the ultimate penalty. For months and months all the talking legal eagles had been telling us ad nauseaum -- that the prosecution had put on a horrible case -- that Mark Geragos was a legal genius who had charmed the jury and had laid waste to every prosecution witness thereby laying the groundwork for a case of reasonable doubt -- that there was only circumstancial evidence -- that Scott Peterson would walk even though he was probably guilty -- that the prosecution and cops had badly botched the case, etc. etc. etc.

Fortunately lawyers do not routinely (although they do occasionally as normal citizens) sit on juries -- and this jury of average and citizens found no such problems at all. And in a triumph of common sense, 12 reasonable people of varying backgrounds came forth with the correct and obvious verdict. There was no other explanation than that Scott was undeniably, 100% guilty of this heinous and monstrous crime.

And following on this logic of guilt I had felt all along that they would come back with a sentence of death. If they were sure of their verdict, how could they fail to see that death was the only fair sentence to impose for such a monstrous crime against those whom he should have protected and cherished.

The lawyers were stunned. Geraldo was wrong. He had said that domestic crimes are never punished by death. Another lawyer opined that only serial killers and predators should be sentenced to death. After all, there was only the public's safety to consider. As if Scott had not preyed on his own wife and child. As if only a stranger-on-stranger murder that endangers the community at large should warrant such a penalty. What they forget is that the average person sees the need for justice -- and not simply the expedient of protecting the public at large from random predators. After all, that's what we are seeking in a court of law -- justice -- redress -- and yes -- retribution -- and punishment.

These the jury delivered in a just verdict and for the right reasons. They didn't do it because of public pressure, they didn't do it because they had been tainted by the publicity, they didn't do it because a bunch of lawyers had gotten lots of bucks to endlessly opine on Greta, et al, they didn't do it because they wanted their moment of fame. They did it because each and every one of them was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Scott, in cold blood, and with premeditation and malice aforethought did callously and cruelly carry out the horrific murder of his wife and their unborn baby. And in a cold and heartless way had dumped their bodies in the cold, dark waters of the San Francisco Bay where they would be exposed to all the cruel elements. And while his wife and baby lay at the bottom of the bay, he pursued his new mistress and lied to everyone he met. The jurors had all the qualifications they needed to make this judgement -- they are human beings with hearts, and consciences and souls. And they were repelled and horrified by his crime.

Now the Speculation Channels will have to move on to other trials and other speculations, while Laci and Connor and the Rocha family have gotten at least some justice, if not peace, out of this horrible business. May God grant them his unfathomable peace and comfort for the rest of their days. And may Laci and Connor rest in peace, in that place where there are no sighs, nor tears, nor pain, nor sorrow -- but eternal life and light.

Eternal memory.


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