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Friday, February 25, 2005

Odds and Ends

By Aussiegirl

Blogging has been light and intermittent, like the snow around here -- and just like the weather bureau -- my prediction of the consistency of blogging for the next few days may or may not hold true -- and depends on a variety of factors. The computer programs which determine the final prediction aren't agreeing as to whether or not blogging will be heavy or light, or what the total accumulation over the next few days may be.

In the meantime -- just a few random thoughts.

It seems like the state-ordered execution of Terry Schiavo has been postponed for three weeks. It is unclear whether she will get a last minute reprieve and call from the governor's office. Unlike convicted rapists, murderers and monsters, though, Terry will not get a humane injection, complete with alcohol wipe to the site of injection (to prevent infection). She will have her feeding tube removed and die an agonizingly slow death from dehydration and starvation. This is called "euthanasia" -- which comes from the Greek -- eu=good, thanatos=death. How nice -- how sanitary -- how clinical -- how merciful -- how humane. Medical science fully understands the horrors of organ breakdown and suffering that she will endure during this time, not to mention the agony that will be endured by her parents and family who will have to stand by helplessly and watch the state and her husband execute their daughter by death by torture.

Where are the protestors holding candlelight vigils for this helpless woman and her family held hostage by a cruel and inhuman judicial system? Where is the moral outrage? Where are the bleeding-heart nuns, the ones who love the "Dead Men Walking"?? Do they not love Terry Schiavo as much as they love the murderers?

But so much for that little footnote to the news. There's more important news -- like Michael Jackson -- and Paris Hilton -- and the Oscars. Didn't Chris Rock make some insulting comments about black gays? Oh, the outrage!! The insult!! The scandal!! By all means let's talk about that.

Let's see -- Ruslana's video is being censored in Russia -- there's a tidbit for you. Russian TV is not going to air the parts of her video which show the Orange Revolution -- and which show her banging on steel drums with other protestors outside a Ministry building during the protests in October. No -- that won't do in Putin's free democracy. Might give the natives ideas, don't you know.

Bush and Putin did the press-op dance -- and Putin did his impression of a cobra again. And a planted Russian journalist planted a loaded question about press freedom. What press censorship in Russia? There is none -- on the other hand, Mr. President, how do you explain the firing of Dan Rather? Hmmmm? Oy -- as my dear mother always says.

More random thoughts and/or news may or may not follow in concentrated bursts, or in intermittent showers.

Regular weather will resume soon.


At 7:42 PM, Anonymous One Eyed Cat said...

Vladimir Putin is finally being shown for who he is. I only hope Bush will realize that the soul he saw was actually Vlad's flatulence.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

LOL -- thanks for the comment -- I think you're right --- either that -- or the sulphurous emanations from the lower realms that he and his ilk inhabit!


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