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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam!!! You read it here first!! Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger named Pope!!

By Aussiegirl

You read it here first!! Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger has been named the successor to Pope John Paul II -- he has chosen the name of Benedict XVI.

I'm sure BonnieBlueFlag will have plenty to tell us about the previous Benedicts and what his choice of that name may denote.

I am very pleased, and somehow, I must say, I had a feeling that he would be the choice.

How exciting it was to see the white smoke come out -- and feel the excitement mount as we waiting for the color to possibly turn grey and then black, as it had done yesterday. But the smoke stayed persistently white, and as the excitement of the crowd grew more and more palpable people began running towards St. Peter's square from all over Rome. At last the bells started to peal, removing the last vestiges of doubt. The cheers were deafening as his name was announced and he slowly emerged wearing his Papal robes.

There will be more coverage of these historic events later on UT, and more background. Do check back.


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