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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Barbarians are coming -- the Barbarians are coming!

By Aussiegirl

Tim Birdnow has an excellent piece up on The American Thinker entitled, "Barbarian invasions". As usual, anything from this author is not to be missed. The article is chock full of fascinating background history and alarming statistics which paint a devastating picture of the potential threats we face if we fail to stem the flood of illegal immigration now streaming across our borders unchecked. While you are at it, check out Birdblog and read all the great pieces Tim Birdnow has posted there since this article appeared. Birdblog is always worth a regular read:

The word "barbarian" comes from the ancient Greek, and originally meant a person or peoples who spoke a foreign tongue. The Greeks considered a barbarian to be an alien or outsider, one who was not of their language or culture.� This term was later applied to the Germanic invaders of Rome, who would eventually overrun the Empire and usher in the Dark Ages.� These invaders did not come as warriors so much as peaceful immigrants - some legally, most not.� They did not see themselves as Romans, and they made no effort to adapt themselves to Roman customs and laws. Within a few hundred years they had destroyed the Western Empire.

Here in the United States we are experiencing our own invasion; millions of illegal immigrants are crossing our borders, speakers of another language�who do not see themselves as Americans, and who have no intention of adapting themselves to American customs and laws.� Our response, much like the Romans, has been timid and irresolute and thus completely ineffectual. Our leaders don`t seem to recognize the seriousness of this situation; some even argue that this invasion is beneficial. Such reasoning is myopic in the extreme; barbarians destroyed the glory that was Rome. Why would our fate be any different?


At 12:34 PM, Blogger The Fly said...

The same argument's been made by Pat Buchanan, and though I don't always agree with Buchanan or Birdnow, I agree with them on this one. Most major empires have fallen due to a combination of unsecured borders, lack of a single common language, and lack of a single common culture. America is lacking in all three of these elements, and if it's not corrected, history will repeat itself once again.


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