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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

BonnieBlueFlag: Misdirection

By BonnieBlueFlag

Tim Birdnow in his "American Thinker" article touched on this, when he talked about the environmentalists being better able to pursue their agenda, as a result of the Supreme Court decision in Kelo vs. New London. However, I think the situation may be more suspicious than we originally realized.

I strongly believe that our own Supreme Court has now facilitated a long planned United Nations "Land Grab" in the United States.

After I got over the initial shock of their ruling, I began to remember having seen a map of the United States a couple of years ago, that showed what portion of the U.S., Canada and Mexico should eventually come under their control.

I believe that we have been victims of misdirection in this regard, because the real UN target of the western U.S., could not be farther away than a question of property rights in little New London on the east coast.

I cannot remember the specific UN Resolution number, perhaps one of you will. But, I did read about how the U.S. has been funding a park system that includes land well into Mexico for a number of years.

Even though President Ronald Reagan pulled us out of UNESCO in 1984, and the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Biodiversity Treaty, UNESCO has designated 47 Biospehers in the United States. The first was Yellowstone National Park in 1979. It seems that our U.S. State Department signed a memo in 1974, that precipitated our being unable to determine the use of these areas in our own national interest.

Now those 47 little red dots may not look like much, but they represent millions of acres of land, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

We also have World Heritage Sites, again under the provence of UNESCO. President Clinton designated Yellowstone National Park as a World Heritage Site. He then used that designation, along with UNESCO advisors to shut down a gold mine that was near Yellowstone, but not in the park itself.

The mine owners had met with every regulation necessary to pursue their business, however, the environmentalists brought pressure to bear on Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

Under Bill Clinton, UNESCO wanted to include another 18 million acres of mostly privately owned land around the park, to be known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
UNESCO and their various partners, are already seeking to eradicate property rights around the 47 Biosphere designations and 20 World Heritage Sites. A total of about 50 million acres of land, that include places like Yellowstone, Land Between the Lakes in KY, Monticello and the Statue of Liberty.

One of their next steps is to connect all of these designated sites, using any piece of land that they can get their hands on.
Remember when railroads leased property from the owners in order to have a right of way for the tracks? That land was to revert back to the land owner in the event that the railroad ceased to use it. Most of that land became "Tracks for Trails" which now falls into the hands of the environmentalists.

Under their latest vision to push people off of their land, and into tiny overpopulated areas, they are planning for the re-wilding of America. The Wildlands Project when complete would have 50% of the United States reverted back to wilderness, where no man may live, only animals.
To make matters even worse, if we do not find some way to stop the advances of the Heritage and the Biosphere sites, we may lose many personal property rights altogether, under something called customary use rights. For example, if I have property that is land locked except for the road on your property that I have been using for many years, you cannot one day decide that I can no longer use the road.

In 1999 House Resolution 883 was introduced and passed. At the same time an identical bill S. 510 was introduced in the Senate, but never passed.

Titled: To preserve the sovereignty of the United States over public lands and acquired lands owned by the United States, and to preserve State sovereignty and private property rights in non-Federal lands surrounding those public lands and acquired lands. Also known as, "American Land Sovereignty Protection Act."

In October of 2000, the same bill was introduced in the Senate as S. 3146, placed on the Senate calendar under Read the First Time.

I can find no further mention of this bill or it's passage by the U.S. Senate.
Written by: BonnieBlueFlag


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

That is a terrific piece! I had completely forgotten about these U.N. ``Heritage Parks``!

I`m going to link to this at Birdblog!

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Bonnie, I agree with Tim that this is a terrific piece, and furthermore a frightening piece. The information herein was completely new to me, but how eerily this ties in to the recent property decisions by SCOTUS. Given these facts, I think the adjective "suspicious" was very well chosen. Bonnie, I am amazed at your great researching abilities; I've learned a lot from your posts, and I thank you for it.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

I would echo Pindars statements. Everything I read that you (all of you) post is phenominal. Well reasearched, well written, cohesive, etc. Fantastic.
You really ought to find a way to get to more people with your stuff. Maybe contributors for WND or Newsmax? Ask Vox, maybe he can tell you how.


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