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Friday, August 26, 2005

Ukraine seeks UN recognition of 1932-33 Famine Genocide

Ukraine plans to prepare a document towards 2007 that the United Nations
will adopt, which will recognize the Famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933 as
an act of genocide.

Ukraine's Permanent Representative at the UN, Valerii Kuchynskyi,
disclosed this to journalists while responding to a question of
Ukrainian News. In his words, Ukraine is preparing such document and
would like for it to be adopted by the 75th anniversary of the Famine.

As Ukrainian News reported previously, the Hungarian National Assembly
(parliament) passed a resolution in 2003, in which it recognized the
Famine in 1932-1933 in Ukraine as something that was planned in advance
and orchestrated by the Stalinist Soviet system.

Twenty-five UN member states had earlier prepared a joint statement, in
which they referred to the Famine in Ukraine as the result of the policy
of a totalitarian regime.

The Australian Senate (upper chamber of parliament) passed a resolution
in late October 2003, in which it recognized the Famine as one of the
manifestations of genocide in human history.

Prior to this, the House of Representatives of the US Congress (lower
chamber of parliament) declared the Famine as mass murder.

Earlier, the parliaments of Canada and Argentina had condemned the
Famine. The Verkhovna Rada declared the Famine in 2003 as an act of
genocide. According to various estimates, from 3 to 7 million people
died as a result.


At 5:12 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

You are not, I'm sure, holding your breath in anticipation of United Nations or much of anyone else offering recognition of communist murders in Ukraine ... or, come to think of it, much of anywhere else.
I mean, after all, that was the past, and "Never Again" pertains to something else entirely.
I'm reminded of Walter Duranty and also reminded of "What's black and white and Red all over?"
The answer: The New York Times, especially its editorial pages ... but its "news" pages strongly resemble its opinion pages.

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Rodney A Stanton said...

The NYT has been pro Bolshevik for 88 years. They will never say anything that is not negative or deragatory about this. With Bolton in the UN it has the best chance of being voted on there in 50 years. Still will go down to defeat. Too bad.


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