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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Silence of the American Jewish Lambs

By Aussiegirl

The other side of the argument is presented by the Israeli Insider. The basic flaw in this argument is President Bush's and Sec. Rice's naive view that what the Palestinian people want is a state with liberal democratic values and western standards of living. Some may indeed want that. But the ones who have the power, Hamas, et al.. want nothing of the sort. Their stated aim is to drive Israel into the sea -- nothing more -- nothing less. To them this is just one more victory on the road to the elimination of the state of Israel -- not a step on the road to the creation of the State of Palestine.

israelinsider: Views: The Silence of the American Jewish Lambs: "Ariel Sharon's morally indefensible and strategically suicidal policy has been implemented, uprooting long-established prosperous communities, creating deep fissures in Israeli society and giving enormous impetus to Arab terror groups, which rightly see this retreat as their victory"

[...]And when a rocket aimed at Israel falls harmlessly and the five Israel launches inadvertently kill women and children? What will be the world's response? As for Israel standing pat, waiting for a transformation of Palestinian Arabs, before the destruction of the Gaza communities was even done, Secretary of State Rice was announcing this was merely the beginning of territorial concessions that must now be stepped up. As for President Bush, his comment on the Gaza evictions at his August 14 news conference suggested he had stepped through the looking glass to join Shimon Peres: "I can understand why people think this decision is one that will create a vacuum into which terrorism will flow. I happen to disagree. I think this will create an opportunity for democracy to emerge. And democracies are peaceful."


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