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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Russia, Iran and North Korea -- the new Axis of Evil

By Aussiegirl

Ben Shapiro warns once again about the growing problem of Russia aligning itself with our enemies. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has no recognizaable policy when it comes to dealing with Iran. Having failed to support pro-democracy forces to promote a peaceful revolution from within, ala the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, we now find ourselves in the untenable position of having to resort to diplomatic pressure from the toothless, corrupt and useless UN. And with the war in Iraq feeding media and liberal cries of quagmire, and the military being heavily tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have no credible military option available. It is folly to have imagined that ex-KGB man Putin could ever have possessed a soul worth peering into.

Townhall.com :: Columns :: The renewed axis of evil by Ben Shapiro

Three years ago in this space, I warned that "the biggest development of the last decade is being overlooked: Russia is renewing her relations with America's enemies." In specific, I cited the fact that "the Russians are binding themselves tightly to Iran and North Korea … "

In three years, the situation has grown no less frightening. In fact, the Russian government has expanded its ties with the still-existent members of President Bush's "Axis of Evil." This week, the UK Telegraph reported, "Former members of the Russian military have been secretly helping Iran to acquire technology needed to produce missiles capable of striking European capitals. The Russians are acting as go-betweens with North Korea as part of a multi-million pound deal they negotiated between Tehran and Pyongyang in 2003. It has enabled Tehran to receive regular clandestine shipments of top secret missile technology, believed to be channeled through Russia." A senior American official explained to the Telegraph, "I think Putin knows what the Iranians are doing."


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