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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An open letter to all opponents of the war in Iraq

By Aussiegirl

Herb Meyer makes some excellent arguments in favor of the war even for those who have objections to it. We forget how many setbacks and mistakes were made during WWII, and that there was no way of knowing how it would ultimately turn out. But this is no less important to the future of the world and our nation and civilization itself. I can't imagine how a democrat could read this and not be ashamed of his actions. They may very well cost us the war on terror and all for their petty hatred of one man and their peevishness at having lost a close election. History will judge them very harshly.

The American Thinker

When I first wrote to you, last January, the level of opposition to the war in Iraq was too low to affect the war’s outcome.  President Bush had just been re-elected, and he had the public support he needed to stay the course. But for a combination of reasons – including the continuing violence in Iraq itself, the ever-growing number of American casualties, and the Administration’s appalling inability to explain and defend its policy against the Democrats’ increasingly ferocious attacks on it – opposition to the war has grown steadily during the last few months.

Today opposition to the war is so widespread among Americans that it may force the President to bring our troops home from Iraq sooner than he plans, or believes is prudent.  And if that happens, Iraq will explode into civil war and we will have lost the war.  In this sense, Iraq could turn out to be a replay of Vietnam.  After all, we didn’t lose the Vietnam war in Vietnam; we lost it in Washington.

So I’m taking the liberty of writing a second time, both to reiterate the point I made in my first letter and – more importantly – to reach all those of you who have only recently joined the opposition.

A Question of Attitude

I’m not writing to argue with your judgment about the war in Iraq.  Rather, I am writing to protest your attitude toward the war.  And the point I want to make is this: sometimes, you have to choose between proving yourself to have been right, or helping make a project succeed despite your opposition to it.



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