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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservatives eke out narrow victory in Canada

By Aussiegirl

Paul Jackson, the Calgary Sun columnist and one of Canada's premiere journalists (and rare conservatives), takes us on a magical mystery tour through Canadian politics in today's American Thinker.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Canadian politics, and more: the history of the Liberal Party, the issues which are important in Canada, the outlook for the future, and an explanation of how the Canadian parliamentary system works. One stop shopping for the compleat Canadian rundown.

The American Thinker

Canadian Conservative Leader Stephen Harper eked out a minority win in the federal election yesterday after early hopes were dashed he might be able to pull off a majority win or come close enough to controlling the House of Commons that the three opposition parties would be reluctant to challenge him on each and every one of his initiatives.

Basically put, the Conservatives changed places with Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority government, and will now have to tread a careful path negotiating with the other three opposition parties to try and get his platform approved in the Parliament and the heavily Liberal-dominated Senate.


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