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Monday, January 30, 2006

Oriana Fallaci, a true heroine

By Aussiegirl

After reading about "Martyr Mom", it's important to cleanse yourself by learning about Oriana Fallaci, a true heroine and role model for both men and women.

FrontPage magazine.com :: FrontPage Magazine's Woman of the Year: Oriana Fallaci by FrontPage Magazine:

"After spending most of the last century fighting against fascism, Oriana Fallaci continues to demonstrate the enduring grip of Orwellianism: she is to be tried in Italy for thought-crime. For spending her childhood fighting Hitler and Mussolini, and for dedicating the last four years of her life to rousing the West to the danger posed by Islamofascism, she more than merits designation as FrontPage Magazine�s Woman of the Year.
Oriana Fallaci has rebelled against fascism most of her life. She is not an ideologue, bound to implement any given ideology. Hers is a defensive mission. She is, by her own designation, neither a conservative nor a leftist, finding defects with both. Like FrontPage Magazine, her main concern is fighting encroaching totalitarianism, not advancing a narrow partisan agenda ruled by either orthodoxy."


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Oriana Fallaci is truly a remarkable human being, and it's an inspiring tale that Horowitz tells about this brave woman who has fought the good fight her whole life. Thanks for finding this for us--it was indeed a cleansing experience to shake off that nightmare called Martyr Mom and her hellish idea of motherhood. By the way, this is the second award that FrontPage Magazine has given Fallaci. Here's David Horowitz's speech from the first award ceremony, held a month earlier than this one: Oriana Fallaci and the War Against Islamofascism.


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