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Saturday, January 14, 2006

When even the Pope has to whisper -- Islam is not reformable

By Aussiegirl

In an absolutely must-read column, Spengler lays out the coming inevitibility of civilizational war with Islam because of the basic fact that Islam is not reformable. As I have also said many times, Islam's problem is that its foundational text, the Koran, is not subject to reinterpretation or even retranslation. This fact was recently stated by Pope Benedict in a little noticed exchange in a private seminar.

Basically the situation is this: according to Muslim tradition the Koran is the very word of God as dictated through the Archangel Gabriel to Mohammed. Since it is the actual dictated word of God, there can be no interpretation. As the Pope says, the Hebrew and New Testament Bible is a bible of revelation of God's truth to mankind, and as such is subject to reinterpretation and reunderstanding. Lacking this, Islam can never resolve itself with the West or with the 21st Century.

There's so much here that you simply must read the entire thing.
Asia Times Online :: Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs

Islam is the unexploded bomb of global politics. US foreign policy - the only foreign policy there is, for the United States is the only superpower - proceeds from the hope that a modern and democratic Islam will emerge from the ruins of Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Through democratic institutions, Washington believes, the long-marginalized Shi'ites will adapt to religious pluralism. Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's Islam, fixed in amber since the High

Middle Ages, will metamorphose into something like American mainline Protestantism.

Alas, the available facts suggest that the opposite result will ensue: more freedom equals more fundamentalism.

[...]Later in the same essay, Benedict takes up a theme I have addressed over the years, namely the moral cause of Europe's demographic implosion (see Why Europe chooses extinction, April 8, 2003), writing:
Europe is infected by a strange lack of desire for the future. Children, our future, are perceived as a threat to the present, as though they were taking something away from our lives. Children are seen - at least by some people - as a liability rather than as a source of hope. Here it is obligatory to compare today's situation with the decline of the Roman Empire.
My investigation of the causes of Europe's present decline was inspired by comments of then-cardinal Ratzinger in a book-length interview with the German journalist Peter Seewald published in 1996 as The Salt of the Earth. Nothing is really new in Benedict's present formulation except, perhaps, his sense of urgency as the hour grows late and the moment of truth approaches. In the cited essay, Benedict excoriates the pessimism of Oswald Spengler, who claimed to have discovered a deterministic pattern of rise and fall of civilizations. Instead, he argues that "the fate of a society always depends upon its creative minorities", and that "Christians should look upon themselves as just such a creative minority".

I agree with the pope, not with my namesake. My choice of nom de guerre is ironic rather than semiotic. The fact that the West still has such a leader as Benedict XVI in itself is cause for optimism. It might be too late for Europe, but it is not too late for the United States, and that is where the pope's mustard seeds may fall on fertile ground.


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Islam is subject to interpretation. The Koran's words cannot be changed. However, the interpretation is subject to the understanding of language and jurispudence. This was demonstrated throughout history when many scholars debated upon the meaning of many verses of the Koran.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Anatolian® said...

There are enlightened people and enlightened -like ones in this world in our days...

There are intellectual people and intellectual-like ones in this world...

There are also shepherds along with sheep who long for being steered.

And... There is “ISLAM” and also, there is people's “Muslimism!”

Enlightened is the one who seeks, finds and knows the truth based on his own objective investigations from true sources. However, enlightened -like ones are those who take advantage of the enlightened ones depending on their capacity to understand and try to take the hat round (get the benefit) by selling them to their surroundings.

There are intellectual people in this world... They are free from their cocoons at a certain level, and they try to lead their lives under the guidance of reasonable scientific thought. Also there are intellectual-like ones who like the perspectives of intellectuals' and the way they live. They imitate the intellectuals and take great pains to look like them, trying to wear, eat, drink, speak and act socially like them!..

Enlightened-likes and intellectual-likes are like zircons shining like a diamond to the eyes of suburban people. Their gleam attracts those in the outskirts of towns. But they haven’t seen and cannot tell the difference between zircons and diamonds. Therefore their goal is only zircons. They are ready to sacrifice nearly all they have so that they may be like them, yet they cannot even be “...-like” of them.

There are those who love to shepherd as a result of their constitutional (native -fatri) inclinations and endowment they were created with. They strive to govern and rule people, longing for physical or moral satisfaction. They form groups to rule, they issue orders, bring restrictions and prohibitions so that they may satisfy their unrealized subconscious militarist desires. Moreover, there are those who ardently want to be steered or to be a door servant; who prefer to cover up their weaknesses and feel peaceful, as they find safety and protection in such.

This is the way it is no matter wherever you are, whether in Turkey or elsewhere in the world!

Yet, ALLAH created human beings to be the “most honored” of all creation, to be Hu's own khaliph on earth! But who has a care in that?..

Yes, both intellectual-likes and enlightened-likes in like manner comment on the people’s “Muslimism,” that gets around on the tongue of steered-people and that contradicts with logic, reasoning and science in most ways; and stressing on the underdevelopment of the followers of the religion of Muslimism, compared to other world societies, they assume that they are attacking the “Deen-i ISLAM” in this way.

Since they are never aware and conscious of themselves to be not more than yet intellectual-LIKE or enlightened-LIKE ones, they do not know that the “Deen-i ISLAM” and “Muslimism” are far different concepts from each other. Neither do they know that one should not even touch the religious issues unless one is aware of such a difference.

In point of fact, they leave aside the diamond without recognizing it at all, because of their assumption that the zircon-value perspectives and opinions of those who are desirous either for shepherding or being shepherded, are the fundamental thought system of the “Deen-i ISLAM”.

What else could indeed be expected from such helpless ignorant who consider as the only reference, the melody in the limelight among those who are desirous for steering and who want to be steered!..

Assuming that it is the “Deen-i ISLAM,” they judge the narrow minded people's “Muslimism,” in which melodious recitation of a poem (mawlud) and celebration of holy nights with candles are regarded as religious practices (ibadat), head-scarf is regarded as if it were the primary requirement of becoming Muslim for women, and Salaat and fasting were believed to have been ordered to please the heart's desire of the sky god of SkyTurks!

They do not understand that their so-called holy(!) poems were only written by people, (as Mawlud by Suleiman Chelebi) and they have no relation with the practices that the Koran al Karim recommends to humans... They cannot tell that litting candles on graves has no relation with the “Deen,” and only definite nights such as Miraaj, Baraat, Qaadir hide valuable hours within. They have not even heard that there is no such religious festives as Muslim festive of Sugar and Sacrifices, they are only the Eids of Fitr and Hajj! They have not comprehended that such practices mentioned in the Koran al Karim as Salaat, fasting and Hajj (Pilgrimage) have been offered not aimed at pleasing the heart desire of a god in the sky, but were recommended for constructing people's future for their own salvation...

The “Deen-i ISLAM” is a time-free universal System and Order at the sight of ALLAH. It is the origin and the main, and is not distorted by time. The Koran tells this!

However, “Muslimism” is people's interpretation of the “Deen-i ISLAM” within the framework of their personal capacity, their conditioning, the traditions and customs in their social environment and the restrictions brought about by their shepherds.

Now understand that the “Deen-i ISLAM” is not bounded by interpretations! Try to recognize the Origin! Get rid of the “Muslimism,” consider the “Deen-i Islam!”

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Once again you found a very interesting article by one of my favorite writers (not to be confused with the German philospher Oswald Spengler, 1880-1936). For anyone interested in reading more of Spengler's ideas, here is a link to his archives: The Complete Spengler.


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