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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Take Out the Mullahs--Tonight

By Aussiegirl

As always, Herb Meyer breaks through all the fog and lays out the options clearly and starkly. The very best analysis of the situation by far!!

As a former Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence, the legendary Bill Casey, Meyer was in charge of writing and presenting intelligence briefings to the President. This is just the sort of talent we USED to have in this country. I hope someone from the current administration is reading this.

How much clearer could the options be? It is the regime which is the danger, not the people of Iran, who love and crave everything American and hate Ahmadinejad.

No one would be sorry to see him and his regime blown to bits. While attacking the nuclear facilities is frought with danger of an exploding Mideast war! The orchestrated cartoon jihad crowds are there to remind the West of the worldwide guerilla war they are capable of unleashing whenever they choose.

A fatal blow to the regime will take the wind out of their sails, and most importantly, take those weapons out of play.

The American Thinker

To think clearly about the looming crisis with Iran, close your eyes and imagine that you’re standing outside your children’s school. It’s 2:55pm, and you’re chatting amiably with other parents while waiting for the 3pm bell to ring. Suddenly you see a man running toward the school, holding a hand grenade and shouting: “I hate kids. I welcome death.”

Now, what do you propose to do?


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