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Monday, March 13, 2006

Not all cultures are equal

By Aussiegirl

In this very insightful article, Selwyn Duke examines all the false thinking that surrounds cultural relativism, and warns us that continuing accommodation of foreign cultures and faiths is driving our own culture steadily toward extinction.

The American Thinker

If anything renders people sheep among wolves, it’s when they convince themselves that every creature is a sheep. We live in an age in which one of the few sins is giving offense, one of the only virtues is a tendentious tolerance and one of the top priorities is getting along. In light of this, it’s not surprising that a steadfast refusal to draw moral distinctions is all the rage.

To lay claim to any kind of superiority on behalf of your culture or religion is considered very bad form in today’s polite society. Dare to do so and you’ll often be rebuked with the favored mantras of the day: “Those are your values, someone else’s may be different,” “Don’t impose your values on me,” or perhaps, “Don’t be so judgmental.”

It’s not so much that deviancy has been defined downward, it’s that it has been defined as just another perspective. Such are the fruits of the equivalency fiction.

[...] In the name of the principle of tolerance, we embrace the notion that principles don’t matter.

[...] The United States in the third millennium stands at a precipice, with the constant accommodation of foreign cultures and faiths driving her culture steadily toward extinction. Should we allow Islam or other incongruous forces to make further inroads into our nation? We’ll never know if we remain the truly blind, namely, those who will not see. We’ll never know if we’re experiencing an age of enlightenment, or trading the promised land for peace in our time.


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